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Raging Torrent(3)

Even in the busiest of worlds, there would be a quiet corner.

The light in the small room flickered as the merchant girl rested by the bedside with her dainty head gently placed upon her crossed arms. Her eyes were curiously focused on the sleeping Nun Princess as she lightly poked her occasionally.

“Amandina, how could Miss Magadal be a puppet? Look at her skin, it’s soft and it’s very fun to play with…...she looks beautiful as well, Brendel must be lying right?”

Amandina sighed. Those who knew Romaine well would know that her focus was on ‘fun’ instead of the second half of the sentence. Amandina was holding a book of ‘Rockefeller Poems’, but her focus was not on the book, it was on the rainy battlefield.

The blades that flashed in the air, the brutal murders on this day would be recorded in the history of this port. But on the next day, the glorious sun will befall the land once more.

Can we really win?

Amandina’s heart was in suspense. She placed her book down and slowly took off her silver-lined spectacles while looking out towards the port. The howling wind and rain sounded like it was weeping, like the ancestors of Aouine were crying.

It was just the sorrowful cries of the people before their death, and it was not known to her whether it was from her relatives or even her friends.

“Please be careful. Don’t disrespect Princess Magadal…...you...you are so disrespectful,” Amandina scolded her, staring at Romaine who was quietly and gently squeezing the Nun Princess’s breasts.

“I know, I know,” she answered naturally.

Amandina glared at her.

The merchant girl then stopped and asked, “Hmm, do you want to go out?”

“Yeah, this room is too stuffy, it makes me restless.” Amandina looked at the Nun Princess with slight jealousy, “And, if Princess Magadal suddenly wakes up, don’t tell her anything.” She added.

“But Brendel said it’s most likely that she won’t be able to wake up,” Romaine said.

“I said ‘if’.”

Romaine escorted Amandina out of the room.

And when she looked back, the Magadal’s eyelids moved a little. After a few seconds, it moved again.

This time she was sure it was real.


“Ama…” the merchant girl immediately turned around and shouted, but she halted.

This is all thanks to my effort, so why do I have to tell her? Let’s wait for another moment.

She thought about this for a moment, then turned around and looked closely at the Nun Princess.she seemed to be trapped in a nightmare. Her eyebrows are tight and she was visibly exhausted. She struggled for a moment and uttered some words.

Romaine was curious so she approached and carefully positioned her ear next to the princess’s mouth, only then she could hear some words clearly. “How can this happen, be careful…”

“Be careful……”

“Huh?” The merchant girl stood up, and took the situation seriously for once. Then she placed her finger on the princess’s forehead, and said, “Mi

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