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To Ampere Seale!(2)

“My Lord, there seems to be an issue,” Carglise said as he, as well as the officer accompanying him, walked close to Brendel and whispered to his ear.

“Eh?” Brendel his head to look at the Captain. Carglise and the officer were tasked to make sure the “cargo” was safe today. Brendel had brought a large quantity of White Lion Armour, the brainchild of Master Bosley and Tharma. These armors were different from the ones provided by the Kingdom meant for the Royal Faction’s White Lion Swordsmen. It contained the input of Brendel himself, making it superior to the original.

The White Lion Armors were originally modeled from the Wind Elves’ Half-plate Wind Armour, albeit lower in quality as they were made by the humans. King Erik had once improved the Armors and the White Lion Battle Tactics. And in the earlier times, the White-Lion Swordsmen were also known as the White Lion Guards as well. There was a frequent saying in the historical manuscripts, “The King Leads his Knights and Dominated the South”. The “King” in the phrase meant King Erik, while the “Knights” were, of course, the White-Lion Guards. This group, along with the Silver Elves Pantheon Sentinels were the two main forces in the land. It was a myth that they were even comparable to the White Winged Knights. However, they have perished in the past battles, and the improved White-Lion Battle Tactics were lost, along with the manufacturing methods of the White Lion Armors.

And even Brendel and Orthlyss were unable to replicate this sort of information. There was a saying that every warrior is half a forger. Although the two of them are clueless about the original White Lion Armor, they were really informative about the White Winged Knights armor, the Half-plate Wind Armour. It was a really common defensive equipment back in the game and Sophie was really lucky to get a set of it. And Orthylss was an original White Winged Knight in the past, and a high officer among the Wind Elves, so it was really natural for her to understand it like the back of her mind.

The upgraded White Lion Armour was more closely resembling the Half-plate Wind Armour rather than the original White Lion Armour. It was also imbued with the Magical Formation of the Wind Elves’ special Wind Formation, making it lighter than usual without losing on durability. The Wind Barrier on it can defend a Piercing Arrow from 100 meters away. In the current world, it would be an easy feat for an experienced warrior to battle ten at once with this armor on.

Besides, the armor also was also made to be always dry, reducing the chances of the user getting fatigued. But of course, this does not come without a price. It was literally worth several ten thousand dollars for just a set. And with his wealth right now, it was impossible to supply the entire squad with it. It was ridiculously expensive.

But after some consideration, he decided to provide it to those with the rank of Officer within

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