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The Dimension Space had over five hundred sets of armor from the Holy Cathedral of Fire. These were meant for their soldiers and were all low-class magic equipment, but there was also equipment meant for paladins.

The exceptional suits of armor were carved with Magic Formations and were imbued with physical and magic resistance. Longswords and broadswords were placed opposite of the armor’s location, and they were easily identified as there was a fire symbol on every blade.

[These are definitely stolen equipment meant to spply the Unifying Guild, and their rarity is on par with the Thorn of Light. Hah. Now they are my victory spoils and can be used to equip my White Lion Army…… Though some modifications to their appearances are required.]

There was a messy stack of random equipment floating in the air. However, he discovered that they were not high-grade. Amman probably looted them from his enemies and did not bother to arrange them.

[Hmm? Wait. That’s interesting.]

Brendel discovered an accessory with a black gemstone in the center near the floating equipment. He was sensitive to great loot and found the accessory’s shape familiar, and he could not help but grab it to inspect it in detail.

The center of the black gemstone had silver runes in them that seemed like it was made by nature.

[Tear of the Witch Demon? It’s even rarer than Halran Gaia!]

– Tear of the Witch Demon (300 OZ)

– Adds Stoneskin trait to the user

– 300 HP, +1 Defense, Curse Spell Level +1

– Rune Activation: Instantly cast an Eighth Circle spell and below.

– Remaining Charges: 0/30

“I see, so it’s this thing that allows Amman to cast his defensive spells so quickly. This thing is really a cheat item. As a Warrior profession, I have one of the higher HP count out there, and it’s at 411. Wearing this is clost to doubling my HP. No wonder Amman is like an undying cockroach. He probably has the hp of a level 80 warrior.”

Brendel grumbled to himself. There were many types of fantastic equipment in the game, and it was a bad thing to judge someone with common sense. There was a lot of truth in the sentence ‘Never underestimate your enemies or your head is forfeit’ in the game.

“An equipment with 300 OZ, hmm. Even Halran Gaia has just over 100 OZ. Technically speaking my level is too low to wear this accessory now. If I insist on wearing it a few weeks ago, I will have to strip myself naked just to use it. But now I have insane Will stats, and my OZ limit is at 300 + 1240 OZ. Hahahaha.”

The youth immediately wore it. The Charges could be restored over time like the Ring Of the Empress’s Wind Bullet, though he did not know how long it would take since it had such a large capacity.

He heard footsteps just as he was done admiring the pendant.

It had only been a couple of minutes.

“Scarlett…..? No, it’s not her.” Brendel’s ears focused on the footsteps, but they were heavy and stable, while Scarlett’s footsteps w

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