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After lighting the Fire Seed and confirming that the Core Crystal had lost its use, the group began to search the underground city to see if there were anything of use. Since it was an adventure, they should not be returning empty-handed. Brendel had not felt such a pleasant time searching in an underground city after Aouine was destroyed in the game.

The youth traveled to other kingdoms and grouped up with players, but it was not unusual to have players kill-stealing and he had to guard against them. Many groups were also ambushed in dungeons, and there were many who were lawless and troublesome to deal with.

Here, Veronica and Mephisto made Brendel feel safe. The female general kept her promises and she only had eyes for precious artifacts. What Brendel wanted might not be things she wanted, and it was not as if she recognized the value of the ancient artifacts. He would always gain the upper hand here.

Mephisto was someone who did not have any material desire, and instead trained in the path of the sword like a maniac. If he was not bogged down by the fate of his kingdom, he would probably have reached Andesha’s level long ago. He was also in need of Brendel’s help to restore his kingdom, so it was unlikely that he would vie for something that Brendel wanted.

The youth brought these two powerful bodyguards around with confidence that he would find at least one or two Legacy artifacts, but contrary to his beliefs, he did not even find one functioning magic artifact despite searching the underground city for several hours.

The entire underground city’s Mana seemed to have been completely disassembled. Any artifacts that they found had lost its power.

Several passages showed signs of violent battles, and the ground had broken weapons and armors strewn across the floors. Magic patterns could be clearly seen on them, but there were no signs of Mana activity on them.

Brendel also discovered some magic artifacts meant for daily life, like Illuminating Crystals and Mana Stoves. But they were all void of Mana and could not be used again.

[A powerful Anti-Magic spell was cast down here and affected them. But what kind of power does that spell have to sweep over the entire city?]

Brendel and his two bodyguards were a little shocked. The largest war they knew was the War of the Holy Saints. The most powerful spells cast during that era were at the Fourteen Circle and it certainly did not reach this magnitude. It was clear that this particular Anti-Magic spell was used against the monsters from the Era of Chaos as a final desperate measure.

Still, Brendel swept all this equipment into the Dimension Space. Trentheim did not have iron mines, and melting these weapons and armor down made it possible for the metal to be reused. This equipment was high quality and some of them were even made of Star Metal.

[This is such a wasteful use of Star Metal…… Just applying a little of it makes it possible to resist magic spe

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