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Chapter 219

The trees began to burn once the fire arrows struck them, with the moisture of their wooden bodies evaporating amidst the flames and caused thick sooty smoke. The soldiers wearing dull-green gambesons and the Highlander warriors took the opportunity to move under the cover of the smoke, advancing towards the stronghold in the forest in the blink of an eye.

The invasion’s progress was incredibly smooth without encountering any enemy resistance. Lord Palas could not help but raise his eyebrow slightly as he observed this outcome.

But there was a sudden peal of thunder that came over from the heart of the forest at that moment. Large dark clouds gathered at a rate that was visible to the eyes, congregating above the trees. The old knight caught a golden flash of lightning and accompanied with it were big raindrops that came without warning, almost putting out the strong fire that was created a few moments ago.

Once the flames were out, the storm continued to spread with several bolts of lightning striking at the edge of the forest, landing coincidentally into the midst of Count Randner’s men. There was a deafening explosion of blood and flesh, with several large pits forming because of the destructive force of the golden lightning, and the loose rocks caused by it flew in every direction and landed onto the people near the pits.

Pained cries could be heard in that instant.

The morale of Lord Kruss’s soldiers plummeted. Be it the foot soldiers or the archers, everyone wanted to escape, running away at ten times the speed compared to the time when they were advancing. Even though the Highlander warriors were brave and fit, it was unfortunate that this battle did not have any meaning for them. Since the soldiers fled, the Highlander warriors naturally fled as well, though the latter moved orderly compared to the soldiers.

The two other Knight Commanders who traveled alongside with Lord Palas with were secretly shocked at the Highlanders’ discipline, and they remained silent when they thought about Lord Palas gaining victory over these men and even forced them back. Even though they naturally hated to be placed under Lord Palas’s command, they could only keep their silence when they saw their army’s performances.

Black clouds gathered over the archers, and the commander-in-charge screamed:

“Retreat! Hurry up and run!”

But it was late by step. A large bolt of lightning— No, it was a net of golden electricity that exploded in the midst of the archers. Lord Welkins was also struck by the lightning, but his magic resistant full-plate armor saved him. The adjutant beside him did not share the same luck, and he was turned into a charred corpse.

The muddy Welkins climbed up from the ground, and wept in sorrow.

[The entire company of archers wiped out in just a single attack!]

In truth, only twenty percent of the archers was killed, but the others were so terrified that they would not be able to

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