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The princess stabbed at Brendel’s chest, the silver glimmer on the tip of her sword seemed to separate the dark rainy night and the lightning outside the window and the whole room seemed to turn black and void, monotonous and devoid of any color.

Thunders boomed.

The sword bypassed Halran Gaia’s line of defense. But the tip of the sword involuntarily slid off to the side. Gryphine felt as if she had hit the surface of a stone, and her sword flew out of her grip because of the rebounded force. It pierced through Marshal Atanya’s portrait, a precious oil painting from the third century.

Brendel grabbed the right wrist of the princess, her wrist was soft and slightly warm. But he did not have time to savor this moment. Her glare made him stood upright,Her left hand!Brendel held the princess’ left hand without hesitation. A bright gleaming dagger flickered on her left hand.

Brendel had firm control over Princess Gryphine’s two wrists, and their postures were a little awkward. She gritted her teeth and raised her knees to kick Brendel’s lower abdomen.

Brendel never expected that this elegant princess would be so decisive in her actions. His instincts kicked in and with both hands, he pressed Gryphine against the wall.

In the background, lightning struck and everything went blank.

Princess Gryphine groaned uncomfortably, expressing a painful look in her face. Bowing her head slightly, her silver, curly long hair shook slightly with it.

Before she even had time to react, Brendel pushed her whole body against the wall. She could not manage to attack him back. But now their posture was ambiguous, as Brendel almost had his entire body pressed on her’s. Aouine’s Princess was still an innocent young lady, she had never had such close contact with a man ever in her life. Brendel’s strong manliness made her felt slightly hot.

It was at this point, Princess Gryphine finally yielded, closing her eyes and her whole body softened. Her long eyelashes trembled softly, tears falling from her face. As such emotion cannot be concealed and controlled once it erupts, glittering tears flowed out like a broken dam, rolling down the cheek like a river stream.

Brendel panicked, and thought to himself,My princess, please don’t cry. Stab yourself if you want to commit suicide, not cutting and threatening me with the sword.She almost destroyed his love life, but in the end, he looked more like the culprit rather than her.

But the pitiful half-elf princess was just so beautiful, Brendel thought her face gleamed like white jade under the reflection of the flashes of lightning. He never thought that this was the future powerful princess that would be supporting the entire kingdom of Aouine and felt really moved.

“Stop crying,”

Princess Gryphine did not seem to hear him, and her tears kept flowing. She was not a fragile person, but the recent events in Ampere Seale had made her despair. No one would even help her out, even the R

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