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The Oath and the Sword(2)

Rodu’s soldiers were breaking down as the soldiers of the Royal Cavalry Academy forced them to retreat. The Seventh Swordsman Brigade at the fort felt intimidated from looking at the scene, but Rodu’s men could funnel into the fort as it was their last hope for survival.

And they even fought the Seventh Swordsman Brigade. To them, survival was all that mattered, not some chivalrous code of fighting till death. And that instinct turned them into raging battle machines.

And chasing after them were spears of light that devastated the army.

Sir Malocher, Captain of the Seventh Swordsman Brigade, never expected that the princess and her subordinates would have such an overwhelming force.

Not only did they locate Rodu’s army, but they also eliminated them easily.

Sir Malocher’s face went pale as the princess’ forces charged at him.What should I do now?He did not have any experience fighting a war, and could only look at his subordinates for help.

Amidst the heavy rain, a young man wearing the White Lion Armor raised his sword. He stood wordlessly like a statue, the sweat trickling down from his forehead to his cheeks.

“We’ve been found!”


“We shouldn’t be thinking about that right now.”

He lifted his head,Let’s change the game then.

Glaring trails of thunder flashed across the skies...

Leider Dulo’s POV

“Balta, you have a good student.” Leider Dulo said as he received the command from the messenger.

Balta shook his head. “The princess is not cunning like her master Oberewei, and Makarov is not as decisive as she is either - meaning there must be an unknown commander amongst them. The Coast Guards have low combat effectiveness, so it seems like Owen is planning to use his overwhelming numbers to defeat the princess.”

“Just like what we did back in Lohns.” the other old man looked towards the direction of the port. He could only see the grey rooftops there. “Like a hunk of meat being ground to smithereens, Auoine’s final drops of blood are being squeezed out..”

“Archbishop, we are not insulting you.” Leider looked at the guest beside him.

The man just smiled. “We made mistakes in the past as well. While tt’s not something we should ignore, the war is coming and I don’t wish to create misunderstandings due to our pasts.”

The old man simply looked at him without saying anything.

“Old Leader…” Balta felt restless.

“Balta, you’re the leader now,” Leider said. “Don’t worry, I won’t punish Owen for this. Victory is the first priority in a war, and he has a good plan; overwhelming the enemy is a strategy as well.”

“The princess might have a hard time now... On this battlefield, the people of Aouine are the victims. And they’re so outstanding too. What a pity…”

Brendel’s POV

The sky was turning bright.

But the war was still trapped in as many shades of darkness as before.

Brendel received a message that the Coast Guards would b

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