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To Ampere Seale!(1)

“How are the negotiations going, Gryphine?” The Nun Princess, Margaret asked in her long silver gown as she stepped down the horse carriage, waiting for quite some time in the carriage.

“It’s not going well. Arreck that sly fox was trying to get his hands on the Haruze. “ Gryphine blankly spoke. The weather was slightly chilly, and her servant draped a coat over her shoulders. She continued “I will never allow that to happen. I don’t think Master Fleetwood and Sir Makarov will agree to it as well. “

“Then what do we have to do?” The ever so soft Nun Princess asked with a concerning tone. “I heard that your brother had met up with Arreck.”

“That’s fine.” Gryphine was not in the slightest worried about this matter, “Arreck was just boasting. He knew we would not agree to the terms and is using this as a chance to figure out the limit in which we would offer.” At this point, the half spirit teenage girl raised her head to look at the sky.

Despite nearing the year’s Revival month, the entire city was dull and inactive, like the falling snowflakes.

Gryphine sighed, “There’s still room to negotiate in this”

Brendel’s POV

In Kirrlutz, the adventurers dominated the west of Aouine, and there was an inland sea near the south of the country. Moving west from Port Gris, one would enter the shining and pale blue waters. And if they continue north, they would enter one of the main channels that were headed for Ampere Seale.

It was sunny that day. A ship was traveling across the waters with high speed. It was moving not far away from the coast, and there were seagulls circling its three masts. On it, there were papyrus and crystal ornaments, allowing it to disguise as a merchant ship that came from the Rubik Nation from the south. That nation was located to the furthest south of the desert region, and was full of wonders. There was a merchant travel route from this country to the Nine Phoenix. However, due to the distance, Brendel had never ventured to that place.

Beneath his feet, the ship was known as “Faraway”. It was a new boat and was registered in the Ampere Seale to be a legal merchant ship. Carglise was only able to obtain the ship only because the Firbur Group had close ties with the merchants of Ampere Seale. It was a pretty fast boat, thus giving it the nickname “the best brat” by the native tongue.

The captain was around 30 years old. While he was a lot younger compared to the other captains, it was an indication of his superior ability to lead. The young captain was like a king, and did not bow down to any of the nobles. Brendel hated their influence as well, and this led them to become fast friends.

The captain was named James. Unlike other sailors, he kept his appearance clean. No matter if it was his beard or his outfit, he would pass as an ordinary civilian anywhere else. However, he did have an odd fashion sense, and liked to wear a large red overcoat and a boat-shaped hat wi

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