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Under The Night Sky

They say walls have ears. And that was the case for the incident in the Anderla Cathedral.

In just three days, the battle in the Cathedral had spread out amongst the noble circles, and then to the commoners. The battle was between a Sword Grandmaster that had made a name for himself for long in Arreck and a kid with unknown origin, with the Sword Grandmaster losing in the end. There were now tales about the incident, and Brendel had become one of the most promising and popular individuals of this age.

At least in Ampere Seale, his fame was comparable to the other outstanding noble kids of his age. Everyone was trying to figure out his identity, but little did they know that he was blessed by the Archbishop himself. The general consensus was that this kid’s future is promising for sure, and that startled every powerhouse in the Ampere Seale, and even Princess Gryphine assigned someone to seek out his origins after she received reports from her best friend, Magadal.

House Arreck and House Seifer was no exception and headed to Ampere Seale as well, causing the roads to that place to be packed with horses and carriages. Thankfully, the people were used to this sort of chaotic situation. Each time some major situation occured, they would come running in panic. But the people believed that as long as Anderla Cathedral stands, so will the port.

Amidst the chaos, Brendel lived his life as normal.As I expected, as long as the Archbishop doesn’t open his mouth, no one will come looking for me.He had met Baron Dunner through the introduction of Princess Magadal, in which he was very delighted to hear about the painting in Brendel’s possession. However, Romaine, with her skills in marketing, stopped Brendel from immediately pulling out the painting to showcase it, but rather suggested to bring it there again in a few days for confirmation.

Brendel found it hilarious to see the impatient baron talking to the smooth and composed Romaine. But he admitted that his fiance was really a prodigy in trading, being even better than veterans in the field as well.

And he was surprised by that.

I always knew that she had a thing for trading, but her words usually made no sense, and she rarely spoke to strangers, so she should be lacking in experience right? Being good on paper should be different from being practically good, isn’t it? I had originally thought that she would cower in fear when talking to Dunner here.

“How is it, Brendel?” As they walked out of Dunner auction house, Romaine arrogantly lifted her head to ask. Her slender neck and dull brown hair matched the dress Brendel bought for her. It was black, with lines as white as snow. Besides, she wore a necklace with a red gem embedded on it, its color like flames and fresh blood glinted with the pride and confidence she had.

Brendel totally understood where her arrogance came from. She was proud of being the one loved by him, and that smile of hers co

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