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The Time Bomb

When the Royal Knights finally left, peace once again filled the manor.

Dilferi turned his gaze away from them and looked at Brendel. Under the moonlight, he seems to be in deep thought, and he pointed out, “You seem to recognize them.”

Brendel did not want to reveal his identity, and he just took off the mask and revealed a mysterious smiling face.

“Hmph!” Dilferi snorted. He looked at the mess beside him, at the remains of the manor. “Anyhow, I do have to thank you all. As a count, I will not go back on my word. But Marsha is looking upon us, so I believe you all will remember your promise as well.”

“I promise I will not bring you all into my troubles. Don’t worry about it,” Brendel reassured the boy count.

“Who are you guys up against?” Dilferi questioned.

Brendel just smiled.

“I cannot be at ease if that’s the case, sir,” Dilferi was slightly displeased.

“Then we’ll just go separate ways once we get inside.”

“But The Holy Cathedral will know that we went in together.”

That’s truly troublesome,Brendel thought.But this count sure is cautious.He looked back at Ciel, who raised his shoulders to indicate that he did not know what to do as well. After all, the Holy Cathedral was not some manor located on the outskirts. They would definitely be able to see through Ciel’s illusions.

Brendel fell silent, and replied, “Alright, if that the case, under dire situations, you can say that you were forced into it.”

Dilferi was stunned.

He looked at them curiously. It appears that he did not expect those words, “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll inflict some trouble upon yourselves for doing so?”

“If I was scared, I wouldn’t have come here in the first place,” Brendel smiled again.

“But you guys can force me to shut my mouth, can’t you? You could have taken me hostage after all,” Dilferi raised his eyebrows, intrigued, “Isn’t that the case?”

“I can understand your point, but would you want us to do that, Count Yanbao?” Brendel burst out laughing as he asked.

“No… That’s not it…” the boy’s face was beet red, “It’s just that-”

“It’s just that you didn’t understand?” Brendel smiled. He never thought that his actions were something that had to be covered up, but he just wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble. If the Holy Cathedral wanted to trace their background, he would have let them do so. He dared come to Ampere Seale to cause trouble, so he would have definitely expected that.

The worst-case scenario would be to oppose the Holy Cathedral. It was a possibility that had happened once before after all. Back then, King Erik had fought many battles with them. He may have had the help of the Wind Elves, but Brendel had that too. And Brendel was sure Orthylss would definitely help him out. And the Holy Cathedral of Wind would obviously like to mess with the Holy Cathedral of Flame.

At that thought, Brendel laughed. Be it the Holy Cathedral of Flame, or the Holy Cathedral o

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