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Chapter 193 Part 3 – The final moment (11)

Brendel sneaked back to the position where he guessed Faena and Sifrid would be and whispered:

“Hey, are you still there? I need your help.”

A hand appeared out of thin air and pushed the invisibility cloak apart, revealing Faena’s face. Because of Andesha’s conspicuous transformation, no one noticed them.

“Help? What kind of help do you need?” Faena looked at him puzzledly.

Brendel entered the cloak and hid under it.

“Help me analyze the runes on Amman’s body. Tell me the defensive keywords on it.”

“You’re going after him first?”

“Do you really need to ask that? It’s obvious to bully the weakest first.” Brendel said as he fiddled his thumbs.

There was actually another choice for him to take, and that was to sneak off and try to control Valhalla. But there were two reasons why he stayed behind. The first obvious reason was Scarlett. There was a considerable distance to Valhalla’s core and who knew what kind of puzzles or defenses it had. It was an awful choice to leave her behind.

The second reason was the chance to take down Andesha and Amman. These two people were foes that he did not wish to have in the human world. The Unifying Guild had spies deeply rooted in the human society, and the Tree Shepherds were a bunch of crazy people. He did not want to fight them in the dark.

It was best to leave them here in the Dark Forest for all eternity.

[Archmage William was too cautious and I didn’t benefit much, but now Mephisto has given me a real chance. Honestly, Andesha’s Element Power of Withering Decay is a real problem when I don’t have the Dragon of Darkness’s flames any longer, but Mephisto counters her nicely. This exposes her weakness that she covered up almost perfectly.]

“Very well, I’ll try,” Faena answered after thinking for a while, “but his power outranks me greatly and it’s not as if I can inspect him up close. I’m not sure if I can do it.”

“Don’t worry. He’s now an Undead. The protective Holy Runes unravels itself because they are repelled. It’s not going to be as hard as you think.”

Faena nodded.

Veronica moved closer to Amman and said: “Your Eminence, it’s not too late for you to turn back. As a close friend of the Empire, I don’t wish to fight you.”

“Turn back?” Amman laughed sneeringly: “Will the Holy Cathedral of Fire accept an Undead as their priest? And I’m even brought back to life through necromancy. You know very well how this is done, Veronica. Cease your pretty words because they have no meaning to me.”

Veronica was not surprised at Amman’s answer, and her intention was merely to disrupt his concentration. But an Undead’s willpower was indeed as cold as a blade and her words did not affect him at all. Thus she did not speak anymore and brandished her sword. She swung it once and a flock of green birds burst out from the blade, and they flew towards Amman in a beautiful arc from two directions.

Amman point

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