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Chapter 202 – The victory loot that continues to give surprises

The era of the Holy Saints was one of the most vibrant periods where many had learned ancient combat techniques. But the majority of these techniques, including the various swordsmanships, were lost.

Even intermediate-ranked combat techniques were considered rare.

The current Wind Elves who had guarded their history with considerable effort did not even manage to keep even one high-ranked technique, and they studied intermediate-ranked techniques instead.

Even the White Raven Sword Arte that Brendel was using was an incomplete technique derived from the Wind Elves, and it was considered to be a secret Arte handed down to Aouine’s royal members.

It was only a hundred-odd years later, when the Mana Wave reached its peak, that the Sage Slates reacted and pointed to hidden areas. Various factions and adventurers finally discovered the ancient techniques that were used in the past.

Orthlyss was a Heroic Spirit who worked as a personal knight of the Wind Empress who also fought against the Dragon of Darkness’s forces. Brendel could hardly imagine what combat techniques she possessed, and she was the very definition of a huge, dazzling, walking treasure mine.

“So what exactly can I learn?!” Brendel asked with slight disbelief.

“You sound like I’m going to go back on my words.” Orthlyss rolled her eyes before she continued with a solemn tone: “When it comes to swordsmanships, it’s very difficult to go far if you don’t focus. Thus, even though I know many swordsmanships, I intend to teach you just a single Sword Arte instead— The Wind Empress’s Nine Luminaries.”

“W-what did you say?” Brendel stuttered.

“The Wind Empress’s Nine Luminaries.”

Brendel’s mouth opened large enough to fit several eggs in it. His nostrils flared in an ugly manner while his eyelids opened up to show his bulging eyes.

The Wind Elves had several famous swordsmanships. Legend depicted that the Wind Elves were split into three different factions after the final battle against the Dragon of Darkness. Kaelnir, later crowned the Summer King, inherited the Dazzling Sun Sword Arte, and his Blazing Sun Knights successfully snatched away the throne from the Wind Empress. Even now, the descendants of the Summer King’s knights were the prevailing High Nobles amongst the Wind Elves.

The personal knights of the Wind Empress Osorno inherited the Resounding Stars Sword Arte. But most of them were killed in battle, and the remaining few did not pass on their Legacy. The last Wind Elf died four hundred years ago, and the Resounding Star Sword Arte was forever buried in the annals of history.

But the strongest Legacy was from the Wind Empress herself. After Kaelnir successfully usurped the throne, Osorno disappeared and her swordsmanship was forgotten. The members of her House quietly vanished after the war, and no one mentioned the Nine Luminaries Sword Arte ever again.


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