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Chapter 218 – Battle at the riverbank (2)

=========== Ciel’s POV ===========

The scouts escaped from the forest and proceeded to cross River Gris, bringing back the news of the enemy knights’ invasion from the Palas region.

Brendel’s young attending wizard wore a long robe, held a staff with his hands and stood on the watchtower, looking towards the north as far as he possibly could, then turned around and spoke:

“The casualties are far heavier than expected. The scouts stationed in the north suffered a death toll that’s higher than fifty percent. All of them are veteran soldiers with rich experience. In addition to this, we lost another fifty men and have three times the number of injured men within three days at other defense lines.”

Ciel took a pause before throwing down another line:

“If I’m the lord, I would have rolled up my blanket and flee.”

“Which is why you’re not the lord.” The Elven Princess who wore a suit of silver armor glanced at him and answered emotionlessly.

Medissa wore a unique pointed helmet that covered her small face completely. Her lips were pursed tightly and she looked dignified.

“He’s trying to remove our scouts. Is there some kind of scheme?”

“Maybe not. This most likely happened because Lord Palas know we have Subterrane Dwellers. He probably doesn’t want to be attacked on the flanks during a battle, avoiding the mistake that Lord Macsen made.”

“Truly difficult to deal with,” Ciel shook his head, his eyebrows were nearly about to bunch together, “I wonder if we can delay them for another three days.”

The full army of Count Randner had already arrived—

“There are people in the nearby forest!” Someone shouted.

The first glint of light appeared in the forest, and a knight covered in full armor appeared at the edge of the forest near River Gris’s opposite bank. Very quickly, more men appeared behind him. That knight raised the flag in his hand and stabbed it viciously into the riverbank’s loose soil. The flag unfurled to show a sky-blue pattern.

The emblem of Lord Palas’s hunters.

“The north, even the east…..!”

“That’s a lot.”

The soldiers who wore intercrossed red and blue uniforms came gushing out; their numbers were no less than a thousand. Ciel watched an archer shoot an arrow from River Gris towards the city, and the projectile struck the ground approximately fifty paces from Firburh’s walls.

“Are they preparing to attack the city right away?” He glanced at Medissa and asked.

“Not yet. He’s testing out the distance. This army might try to attack us and test the water. But they will probably observe instead.”

As the youngest princess of the Silver Elves, the number of battles Medissa fought could not be compared to the other Silver Elves, but the atmosphere of the impending battle did not make her tense. Instead, she felt it was a familiar welcoming feeling.

[But the enemies are too little.]

She shook her head.

Medissa d

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