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The Meetup

Marquis Yoakam stood in the corner, watching Brendel and Freya leave the place. “Who’s that woman?”

“She seems to be a knight that serves the princess, my Lord.”

“That must mean that Count Yanbao is siding with the Royal Faction, doesn’t it? Are they trying to outplay us under the tables?” he furrowed his brows. It seemed like he still thought of Brendel as the true Count Yanbao, and that this move really threatened him.

“It’s just Yanbao. Why are you shaking in fear?” A hoarse voice came from behind him. He turned back to look at its source, only to see a bearded man. He recognized the person to be Count Vitokin from the Black Blade Squad, and also Count Seifer’s number one follower.

“Marquis Yoakam,” there was a kid with bright lips and white teeth next to the count, bending down politely to the marquis. Yoakam looked at the boy who was radiating an aura that resembled a soldier, with sharp eyes like a soaring eagle.

Marquis Yoakam fidgeted,You’re-

He did not answer Count Vitokin’s question. He may not be afraid of Brendel, but he was fearful of Archbishop Wood who backed the boy. But he smirked in his mind,I’ll never tell this old brute about it.On the contrary, he smiled widely, “Cecil? I had thought that you would not come today. I will not forget the days when we hunted together, back in the Grey Mountains. That scenery, that atmosphere…it’s totally better than the Royal Family’s hunting grounds! When can I come to visit you once again?”

Count Vitokin was puzzled. Cecil was his first name, but most people would call him ‘Count Vitokin’ and the ones who would call him by that name were his enemies or close friends. But Marquis Yoakam was neither his close friend nor his enemy. He knew of the marquis’s infamous reputation with the other nobles, and when the marquis mentioned the hunt in the Grey Mountains, his face immediately darkened.

It was an embarrassment to his family. The last time King Oberg had brought men to his territory for surveys, Marquis Yoakam had unexpectedly had his way with his sister. Of course, it was no big matter, but the thing was that his brother-in-law was back in the mansion as well. Of course, Count Vitokin did not dare say anything to the king, and had let his sister bear the responsibility alone. That’s why until now, she was still in the church working as a nun. At that thought, Count Vitokin was boiling in anger.

But he knew that there was nothing he could do to the marquis.There are no reins on this person, and if I really do anger him, there’s definitely going to be trouble ahead of me. Also, he does have a powerful backing now.

“You flatter me,” he forced a smile. “How can my place compare to the Royal Family’s hunting grounds? By the way, that youth must be the person you met just a few days ago, isn’t he?”

Marquis Yoakam’s complexion changed.How does this guy know so much?

“Which one?” he asked as if he knew nothing.

“Marquis, there’s no n

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