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Raging Torrent(1)

The stars shone in the night sky. The howling wind blew clouds from afar, yet nothing could blot out the dazzling shine of Marsha’s Star, a symbol of both order and wisdom. In the wee hours of the night, a faint glow seemed to be emanating from the dark depths of the sea.

Brendel looked up, staring at the horizon, silently counting the time.Three more hours until daybreak…

It was currently three in the morning.

Off the shores of Ampere Seale, a long silhouette appeared beneath the inky waves. Fins split the water surface, creating massive waves that rolled over the sea, crashing into each other in explosions of white foam.

Sani swam close to Brendel. As the naga and his army entered the bay, he flipped his fins, within the salty spray of the sea and the rain.

“These are the warriors of my tribe.” Sani said, turning to look at Brendel.

Brendel remained silent, but his heart was burning with anticipation.This day has finally come. After half a year of hardships and all of the pain I had to go through, my plan will finally come to fruition.He did not know about the future, but at that moment, his conscience was clear.

If they won, he would be making a ripple in the original timeline where Aouine was bound for doom. Princess Gryphine, the War Goddess, Romaine, and everyone whose fate relied on the people of that boat, would be able to survive with his actions.

But if we lose…Brendel’s mouth tightened, his eyes staring into the void in front of him. A flash of lightning split the heavens, reminding Brendel of his memory of Aouine wreathed in flames.

A raging flame burned within his pupils.

Brendel glanced at Sani. And Sani, feeling Brendel’s piercing gaze, could not help but to shift uncomfortably. It was suffocating.Such a strong will and determination. It is comparable to my Queen’s. Anyone with a character like this could potentially cause a revolution.

Under the same night sky, a certain half-elf too removed her gaze from the heavens. The sun rose slowly behind Princess Gryphine, as if Marsha was informing the people that a new day was near.

It’s going to be daybreak soon.

She turned around to look at the people standing behind her. Makarov, Fleetwood, Count Baley, Oberwei, and the rest of the nobles from the Royal Faction were here. Standing together, it felt as if they had never been split up before, but that everything was the same as the past.

She allowed herself to daydream a little, imagining the times when everything was fine. She tried to imagine herself ruling over Aouine, with everyone by her side, but now all she could see was an image of nothingness.

“Princess, it’s time to get on the carriage.”

Gryphine turned to look at her mentor one last time, but all she saw in Fleetwood’s eyes was guilt. She turned away, disappointment evident in her actions.It would have felt so good if they had held onto their initial goals.

The carriage stopped in the ra

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