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The Oath and the Sword(1)

Rodu’s POV

Even the smallest droplet could create ripples across an entire pond.

The same was true on land.

Rodu was overseeing his knights as they worked. Although they were an unorganized mess, he was still impressed that they had managed to build the defensive line quicker than anticipated.

I guess veterans are different from those rookies. Rodu thought, disregarding the fact that these knights only had experience in fighting harmless farmers and rebels.

Under the torrential downpour, the knights cruelly chased the farmers out from their homes, shattering their windows one by one. They were searching every nook and cranny to find valuable ‘trophies’.

That day, the horrible cries of women and children tore across the sky.

Rodu stood aside, nonchalantly observing his knights’ inhumane actions. Acting like a beast is essential for a knight to win a war. Rodu thought. How are you a knight if you don’t win?

Rodu watched, satisfied at how his knights treated the farmers with fists. Not only did he not stop them, but he even felt proud of them. They dare to disobey us? They’ll submit in the face of punishment.

“The princess is such a kid, blindly trusting the people around her.” A knight beside Rodu exclaimed, “The Royal Faction must have ill intentions too, giving her two hundred inexperienced knights. She’s bound to fall this time.”

“Exactly, we will show the princess what war really is,” the knights roared in laughter, guffawing raucously in the stormy weather.

Rodu happily nodded at the knight’s responses, held up a bag and shouted, “Whoever captures the princess will get this bag of gold from me!”

His voice traveled far and into the ears of many down the river bank.

Bessie’s POV

Bessie watched disdainfully at the enemies across the river with a pair of binoculars. When she heard Rodu’s nasty voice, she frowned.

She was always a tomboy ever since she was young. Not only did she uphold a man’s duty to fight and join the kingdom’s army when she grew up, but she also became one of the most outstanding knights in the Royal Cavalry Academy.

Bessie lowered her binoculars, her posture straight like a javelin. One horse after another, the knights leaped past her, the sound of galloping soaring to the sky.

Adrenaline pumped within her veins as she pushed forward, her allies yelling out the names of all the knights who dashed alongside her, “Canmel!”


“Kiel, take my shares too!”

“Aiden, for Aouine!”

“For Aouine!” Every single knight shouted and under the steel helmets, there were no traces of fear on those young faces, only determination.

And the morale to win.

Bessie silently gazed forwards, the enemy flags were being lowered down one by one, falling like a domino.

She could almost hear the commands, “Align your spears!”

“Align your spears!”

“Such dumb luck I have,” she sighed.

Looking back, she saw her compani

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