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The Princess's Reccomendation

The entire place was a mess, and the culprit to it all had left long ago. Brendel eyed Archbishop Wood and said, “Archbishop, you shouldn’t have come out.”

His previous mocking tone was now replaced with a stern and serious one.

“If I didn’t, won’t you guys tear this place down? Do you know just how old this place is?” Archbishop raised his eyebrows and asked.

Brendel just smiled awkwardly and looked at Magadal, “I still haven’t thanked you yet. May I have your name please?”

“Just call me Magadal. And I’m just a nun here, sir,” she sighed. “I’m sorry. I really should have stopped the battle and prevent such a mess. This Cathedral was built on the blood and sweat of Master Rogning. And it was my fault to have ruined this place.”

“No,” Brendel shook his head. “Even if you stopped me, I would have probably continued to fight him.”

Magadal widened her eyes in slight shock, “Then why? Don’t you feel regretful for your actions?”

“I would only feel regret if I could not manage to protect my subordinates,” Brendel answered seriously. “Princess Magadal, that was the reason for my gratitude towards you. That you gave me a chance to fight.”

“That’s a first. Normally, the servants would work for their masters, and would have sacrificed their lives to protect them. Isn’t that their duty?”

“The subjects should be loyal to their masters, and the masters should reward them with protection and pride. That is a form of mutual contract, similar to the oaths sworn back with our ancestors.”

Wood was looking at the mess everywhere and interrupted, “But for that, you have to pay up to hundreds of thousands of Taels. Isn’t that too hefty of a price?”

Brendel twisted the newly obtained ring, and shrugged, “After all, it won’t be my money. Marquis Yoakam is the one that’s generous. Spending that much just to check whether or not you’re hosting the Holy Knight ceremony, isn’t that more ridiculous?”

If Yoakam were to hear that, there was no doubt he would have fainted from anger.

Wood just remained silent.

“I see,” Magadal looked at Brendel. “Dear sir, may I have your name?”

“Of course, it’s Sophie.”

Brendel looked at Wood as he said that. He half expected the man to be red with embarrassment for keeping the lie. But, to his surprise, Wood just remained unfazed, like he never heard anything.”

“Sophie?” The Nun Princess arched her eyebrows. “Why does it sound like a girl’s name?”

Her voice was small, like she was subvocalizing. But Brendel who had stepped into the Gold rank could easily hear it with his superhuman senses. He coughed, making Magadal raise her head towards him.

“You’re here to become a Holy Knight at this current period?”

“That’s right,” Brendel thought of something and added. “I also wanted to sightsee the place, I heard that Ampere Seale is the busiest harbor in all of Vaunte’s southern regions. But it was all just rumors and I will gladly take

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