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Chapter 193 Part 2 – The final moment (10)

Amman was just as surprised at seeing Veronica, but before he recovered his composure, the latter spoke again:

“Your Eminence, you have truly surprised me.”

“I have the same sentiments, Lady Veronica,” he replied with a grim expression.

“Indeed, it’s truly an eye-opener, the supposedly mighty Sword Saint of Ashes joining hands with someone from the Empire.” Andesha glanced at her left arm, finding that Mephisto’s attack was more deadly than it appeared. There was a large wound on it, but she did not seem like she was hurting and merely continued: “Is the defeated dog’s memory so shallow that it has forgotten what the Empire did to it?”

Brendel’s eyes went to Mephisto to see his reaction, but the latter’s expression did not even change a little. It was as if he had not heard Andesha’s words at all.

The youth secretly nodded at Mephisto’s patience.

However, Mephisto raised his head and said one word:

“….. Huh?”

[Is your head in cuckooland?!]

Bremdel nearly choked on his spit, recalling how Mephisto reacted to him earlier when they met for the first time.

The Sword Saint of Ashes, one of the most powerful warriors amongst the NPCs and worshipped by countless gamers, was actually an airhead. Even though Brendel was not a rabid fanboy, he could not help but feel that Mephisto’s image was destroyed in his mind.

Andesha’s expression was one of rage. The color of her face was turning to a particular shade of dark green because of the blood rushing to it. She did not understand that Mephisto was dense in the head when it came to insults, and thought that the bastard was mocking her instead.

[It has been two hundred years ever since I mastered my Element Power. And I have never been looked down on ever since, certainly not to this degree!]

She felt her blood was boiling as she pointed her finger at Mephisto, half-screaming:

“Mephisto, I heard that you were a genius that comes every one thousand years. The Kirrlutz Empire perceived you as a threat and sent out soldiers to quell the Dukedom of Sutherland. You were fortunate enough to receive the foolish Goddess Marsha’s favor, and yet you did not cherish it but joined hands with your enemies instead! Indeed, you’re certainly gifted, but you are still far away to be my match. The situation where I underestimated you will never happen again.”

Her finger moved to Veronica.

“You should work with me and kill her. That woman is known as the Goddess of Combat in the Empire, and if she dies, it would be a considerable blow to the Empire. Surely you understand this point?”

Mephisto nodded: “Indeed, Lady Andesha, I know it well. But for now, I’m here for your life. As for my enemity with the Empire, I’ll settle it later on.”

“Wretched fool, do you really seek to go against me?” Andesha spoke through clenched teeth.

She had roughly gauged Mephisto’s strength, and as long as she was cautious in de

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