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Chapter 201 – Great fortune is bound to come after a great calamity

“Very well. I’ll go ahead and investigate the western area of the courtyard while we wait for your investigation of Amman’s remains. Don’t worry, I’ll inform you if there anything noteworthy, ‘Lord Brendel’.”

Veronica had gotten the answer she wanted from the youth, so she started to cut back on revealing her intentions and started to hide behind a smile.

[I can’t relax around her.]

Brendel’s lips twitched a little. For some reason, Veronica was quite tolerant of his greedy act and even played along by making fun of him. If he was to put aside her status as someone from the Empire, he was actually quite impressed with the way how she did things.

Having a personal relationship was with someone of her strength was quite advantageous, but if there was politics involved, then they would be destined to scheme against each other.

[A brief respite is what I need to grow stronger. This reason is enough to be temporary allies.]

Both of them had a satisfactory result from cooperating with each other, so it was quite pleasant.

Veronica led Faena way with long elegant strides, walking towards Mephisto who dragged Andesha along with him. Once the female commander was next to him, she scribbled something on the ground with her sword and wiped it away after a moment. When the famous Sword Saint of Ashes read what Veronica wrote, he actually glanced back at the youth.

Brendel and his group were the only people left in the area. Sifrid had waited patiently for the youth to finish his conversation with Veronica, and he was suddenly worried that the girl was going to grow up to resemble Scarlett. The little girl had a face that was dirty from dust, but she did not even complain or show that was scared of the earlier battle.

He wiped Sifrid’s face and pondered. A meek and quiet personality combined with bouts of earnest enthusiasm was an attractive point to some people, but he was quite worried about Scarlett’s behavior.

Scarlett found that her lord was looking at her strangely. Was there a mark on her face? The red-haired girl frowned and rubbed her face with her sleeves, but her hands suddenly stopped.

[Is my lord going to offer to wipe my face? Should I refuse or accept it?]

But Brendel’s eyes eventually moved away, and she hurriedly wiped her face again with considerable embarrassment.

Amman’s body was gone, and so were his equipment and artifacts which were most likely turned into worthless dust. The fragments of the fake Mavekart’s Grimoire top-grade materials were probably the only things left, and Brendel paid strong attention to them.

The fragments of the grimoire had continued to suck in the area after it fell towards the ground, leaving behind a deep smoking crater.

Brendel was feeling unused to the fact that the area was silent. This was the moment when all the gamers wanted to snatch away the best loot from the boss.

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