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========== Brendel’s POV ==========

While the tension of Trentheim rose, Brendel and the others were descending into surprise.

Andesha was knocked unconscious with considerable ease by Brendel and Scarlett. The Mistress of Withering Decay who was older than them could not get even a little advantage under their combined prowess.

[But what’s going on?]

The red-haired girl walked over, her face as red like a cute apple, but she dared not to take in a single breath.

Brendel stared at the girl who occasionally showed her sharp canines with a little unruliness on the side, and he blurted:

“Scarlet, are you alright?”

The girl shook her head quickly to show that she was fine: “I’m not too sure, my lord. I feel that the Fire Seed has suppressed my Element Power, but I don’t think my strength was affected too much.”

“If going by rank?”

“Perhaps a little less than a Gold-ranker?”

“You retained that much!?” Veronica gasped.

Her abilities had been reduced to an Iron-ranked warrior, and Mephisto was no different. Brendel’s abilities went down as well, though it was mitigated greatly by the Dragon of Darkness’s blood.

Mana and Element Powers were added passively to a body’s Physique, Strength, Agility, and Perception.

An Unsealed Element Power was to perceive the Laws in one’s own body and the world’s Laws. By achieving a perfect understanding of the Laws, one would be able to absorb and hold the Laws within them to achieve a Shaped Physique for the body.

The greatest advantage for a Golden Lineage was their Shaped Physique, and they were typically born with an Unsealed Element Power, and they would automatically move towards perfecting their Element Powers and bodies. Galbu’s wizards and Silver Elves had their own Shaped Physiques and were just a step behind.

But there were other races that were not blessed. The Wind Elves and humans, even though they were perceived as beings who were blessed by Marsha, had to start with a body that was poorly attuned to their Element Power and had to take one step at a time to reach the top.

Still, the humans were flexible and had limitless potential.

The citizens of the Golden Lineage had to undergo a long journey to perfect their usage of Element Power, frequently requiring centuries to do so. The Silver Lineage also required a long time as well.

The person who gained strength the quickest was the Sword Genius King Gatel. He was only seventy when he reached perfection with his Element Power. The Dwarves’ record was a hundred and sixty years, while the Wind Elves’ record took two hundred and ten years.

They were much quicker than any of the Golden Lineage or Silver Lineage to master their Element Power.

“Not a true dragon,” Mephisto remarked.

Brendel nodded as well. Scarlett probably had a portion of the Dragon’s bloodline, and it was relatively common amongst humans. Dragons loved to change into human forms and leave their descenda

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