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Raging Torrent(8)

Hundreds of knights stood silently under the torrential downpour. The rain stirring a thin layer of mist that enshrouded their once jet-black shields. One by one, their metal spears were placed forwards, forming a man-made steel fortress.

Sir Malocher, captain of the Seventh Swordsman Brigade of Ampere Seale’s coast guards, was to this moment still not relieved; he tried his utter best to not think of all the pale faces under those steel helmets along with their incredibly crooked formation. No matter what happened, they had to be readily armed within the expected time frame.

He then turned back, bowing down to the young man behind him, "General, it's done."

Owen had been staring at the harbor’s gloomy sky. The Black Blade Squad and the Holy Cathedral’s air force were at a disadvantage. Their opponents were too strong. The southern army always had the strongest Dragon Cavalry in Aouine. But it was also because of that power that they got abandoned by the Kingdom.

At the skies right now, there were two armies from the same Kingdom battling one another.Will such a thing happen again in the future?It would’ve been better to face other opponents, like the Kirrlutz, or the Madara.Those battles would be more glorifying, wouldn’t they?

He looked back.Did we just spend 30 minutes to form the defense line?Owen could not help shaking his head.such a line of defense would be useless in front of the White Lion Legion, like a thin sheet of paper, easily blown by the wind.

But this is, after all, the wealthiest part of the Kingdom, where the soldiers were free from fighting the Kirrlutz, and didn’t have to join the deadly battle with the Madara. They wouldn’t even to fight any barbarians or bandits.They should be able to manage themselves.Owen thought.

Owen was perfectly aware that this was the Kingdom’s second rated army and he nodded expressionlessly, "Okay."

Sir Malocher secretly wiped his sweat, relieved that he passed Owen's test.

He was a little unsatisfied.The Royal Faction was not foolish, why would they send themselves into the enemy’s den in the North? Especially when their opponents were the White Lion Legion’s officers?It was common knowledge that all of the White Lion Legion’s officers are bigshots in the Kingdom. If they were not geniuses, they would be the descendants of one. Definitely not people he would want to mess with.

Owen noticed his disapproving look, and it only annoyed him.Such narrow-minded people,he thought as he looked towards the other end of the rain, at the final hope of the Royal Faction: the Royal Cavalry Academy graduates.I wonder what sort of army they are?

I do hope they won’t let the people down,Owen thought to himself.

Maynild’s POV

Under the rain, Ampere Seale was still gloomy, with dawn just another moment away.

"Dulock, Melcon, and all the other fourth grade's knights come forward!" The young knights immediately raised their black flags to t

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