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Chapter 115 – The treasure vault of alchemy (2)

The three judges were a little distracted. Gaspard and Scarlett could see that the youths were performing badly.

[A complete lack of strategy and a terrible mess of positioning themselves. They are far from ready.]

Kodan thought they were no better than children fighting with sticks.

Brendel also shook his head, but he knew that things required time. In fact, these newbies were much better than the first time they fought the creatures because they did not even dare to fight. The mercenaries back then had to kick them with their boots and forced them to advance. They eventually became brave enough to hold against them, and this current battle had been going on for ten minutes.

The improvement was very fast. The Dark Forest was indeed a good place to train someone.

He watched the battle a while longer before his head turned to the other direction; the Druids’ camp was there. The Druids who were supposed to meet up with Brendel only joined him on the second day due to their independent nature.

There were seven of them, including Grey Raven.

[Even though they are strange people, they are worthy of respect. They brought out a hundred veteran Druids and ten Elder Druids to help with my city’s defense and also promised to help out with Trentheim’s farm work.]

Although he did not know how many Druids lived in the forest, at least three hundred Druids were promised to permanently reside in Firburh, which meant there was a considerable number of Druids. This race was of an immense help to him as they aided greatly in defense. They planted thorny brambles that solidified the walls and even carried a type of fruit that acted like grenades.

One could say that a hundred Druids were more effective than an entire army in a defense.

[But they are still wary of me. The Druids went to the city are all fnature-based , probably from the Circle of Brambles, which is an outer Circle. There’s not even one Druid from the Circle of Beasts—]

Brendel smiled a little when he thought of that. Most would not be able to tell the differences. The Circle of Flames, Circle of Tempest, and Circle of Beasts were the strongest offensive groups amongst the Druids, but the Circles of Brambles were considerably effective in defense.

The Druids’ intentions were clear as day.

[Well, there’s no need to rush. Relationship points can be earned in the future.]

He packed away his journal and quill, then took out pale yellow leaves from the bag around his waist.

Moonlit Grass.

These were low-level materials within the Dark Forest but were appropriate for Brendel to train his side-profession. When he received the letter from the Regent Princess, the system acknowledged him as a Noble Lord instead of a commoner. He could not but help grumble in his mind about this fact when he looked at the materials.

[A worthless title, unfortunately. It allows me to raise up my Alchemy to le

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