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Chapter 119 – Loop of Trade Wind (1)

=========== Aouine Military officer Nordas’s POV =========

Nordas had a dream. He was surrounded by waves of undead in the endless Wilderness. The skeletons were dark yellow in color, with fiery eyes burning in their sockets, charging straight at him from the darkness.

His allies fell one by one, his camp struck full of arrows, and there were corpses everywhere when he looked around. Aouine’s battle flag was split in the middle as though it was bowed in defeat, not even moving a little.

Heaven and Earth seemed to swallow him whole till the last moment—

And he woke up from his dream. He yelled loudly and sat upright on a soft reed bed. The early morning within the Dark Forest brought about a hint of coldness, but when he felt his back he realized it was full of perspiration and his pallid forehead was full of thin sweat beads.

He gasped for a while before he finally gained his composure, raised his head to find a ray of morning light streaming through the small room’s window—

No, the room was the hollow interior of a giant tree, and the window was carved out by removing its bark.

The room’s furniture was very simple and mostly made out of wood. In fact, several of them were carved out of the tree with several vines hanging down above.

Nordas clutched his forehead, realizing that he was no longer on that battlefield. He was rescued by strange men and sent to this place. It had been several months, but he still had these nightmares.

He took in a deep breath and stood up shakily, before realizing there were boisterous noises outside the room. He was puzzled as the village had always been quiet.

[Did something happen? Or has the Festival of Revival started?]

Nordas walked towards the window and cast a curious gaze outside—

========== Brendel’s POV ============

The Druids built a settlement outside the Loop of Trade Winds called The Green Tower. It was somewhat of a city since as there were thousands of people. There was a large amount of Centaurs, Tree Elves, and a small number of Senia.

The Druids spent a long time living with other races. They had planted a type of ancient tree that grew exceedingly quick, and resided within the branches of magical giant trees.

The settlement was built upon these gigantic trees some thirty meters above the ground, and it was connected by countless vine bridges reinforced by Mana. They were interwoven together to make them sturdier than stone bridges, and wooden planks were placed on top to make them flat.

The druids lived a simple life despite the creation of the unique city, but the centaurs loved a vibrant city, and decorated the bridges with lamps and crystal lights, causing it to seem like it was ablaze even in the night.

The settlement also had different levels, a place to allow the Druids to gather, as well as nests for the Giant Eagles.

The Druids and the Giant Eagles had been allies for centurie

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