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Chapter 94 – The girl’s thread of fate (1)

Ciel allocated Scarlett into one of the manor’s southwest room. The main color of her room was light green, and past the windows was a spectacular display of faraway trees with a majestic orange-red color, contrasted against an ink-like painting consisting of mountainous landscapes and the Dark Forest.

The young wizard was currently waiting outside her door as he had received news of his lord’s arrival. Brendel appeared moments later along with Felaern, and his first question was:

“How is she?”

“She’s not doing very well. Romaine, Medissa, and Amandina are all in there—”

Brendel nodded and pushed the doors open. Scarlett’s room was not really a patient’s room as there were no signs of any herbs or medicine. A light cold breeze came through the windows and he immediately saw the scenery, making him nod inwardly to Ciel’s choice.

In the center was a canopy bed, and the valance was fluttering lightly against the wind. Scarlett was lying in the center with a pale face and lightly closed eyes.

This was the first time Brendel had ever seen her braided hair come undone. Her soft red hair had a wave-like sheen to it, and it covered her face partially. Her expression did not have her usual stubborn scowl and was instead replaced with a face that was deeply asleep.

Unfortunately, it was a deep sleep that was plagued by nightmares.

Her facial muscles twitched involuntarily and she was frowning slightly as though she was in great pain.

Medissa and Amandina stood up at the same time and greeted him. Medissa nodded lightly, while Amandina stared at him with worry.

Scarlett returned to Firburh without any issues but she suddenly collapsed a few days ago. Amandina only knew that the silver mines were captured but she had no idea about happened exactly.

When she questioned Medissa, the latter merely frowned and explained that Scarlett did not want to reveal the details. She further said that Brendel would be returning immediately and an explanation could wait until then.

Amandina’s heart was sinking.

The experience at Chablis with Felaern’s ‘death’ made her realize how pure-hearted she was. Even though she tried to ensure that her heart was not affected by emotions in order to become a worthy advisor, she could not help but shed silent tears.

Even though it was naive and foolish to hope that no one in this group would die, she did not want to give up praying. Brendel even told her that there would be bloodshed over the nobles’ wars, and that victory could only be gained upon the sacrifice the lives of thousands.

[To be cold in your thinking but not cold-blooded.]

She could not help but recall these words when she saw him. With her lord’s inexplicable capability, perhaps Scarlett could still be saved.

Brendel returned their greetings. He quickly caught the sight of Romaine slumbering on Scarlett’s bed. Her eyebrows were even dancing a little like sh

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