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Chapter 110 – Trentheim and the young lord (10)

============= Gryphine’s POV =============

The seventh day of December—

It was just after the first snowfall.

The harsh winter had sealed off the access from Arreck’s mountains to Ampere Seale’s countryside paths. Each faction wasted two months of talks in the Port of Freedom without any success. The cold winter ultimately caused the northern waters and the restless factions to be frozen. The fierce rumors of the civil wars happening disappeared one by one.

But to the people who could see through everything, they understood that it was a false peace. The blades of steel underneath this ethereal frozen world, were thirsting for blood and waiting patiently to erupt.

Gryphine knew clearly that once winter ended, it would not be water from the melted snow seeping into the spring’s ground, but blood.

A hidden force was on the verge of breaking out under the snow-covered ground elsewhere.

Countless riders made their way through the forest.

Lord Palas led his knights through Macsen’s hills for the first time to make battle, but he did not know that spies had delivered the reports of Lord Macsen’s defeat in Firburh to the various Counts and Dukes, and they were watching Trentheim closely.

Every noble thought that the princess was taking a huge risk to usurp Firburh during such a sensitive time, where even a spark would cause the civil war to break out. In truth, there was nothing that Gryphine could do other than accept Brendel’s ‘kind’ intentions.

They felt intrigued by the situation and wondered what Count Randner’s next action would be, though no one really cared or paid attention to the leader of Firburh’s rebels.

Gryphine could not help but shake the parchment in her hand with her fingers. The report stated that Lord Palas’s army was moving towards Firburh.

“Ser Oberbeck, who do you think would win this battle?” She asked the Wolf Lord with a faint smile.

Oberbeck bowed slightly: “Logic tells me that Count Randner will be victorious in this war, but my intuition tells me otherwise.”

“What’s going to happen if Brendel wins?”

“Count Randner will not dare to move easily if his army is defeated.”

“What happens if he loses?”

“Duke Arreck would want to make Count Randner keep his neutral position, which suits the latter just fine—”

“In other words, it will end up as an advantage for us no matter what?”

“Only if Your Highness recognize that Count Randner will never join hands with us!”

“Unfortunately, Makarov and my teacher Fleetwood are unable to see this point.” The girl with silver hair used one hand to support her pale chin and sighed.

Oberbeck did not answer. In his eyes, Makarov and Fleetwood probably understood this point, but they had their own considerations; a strange youth with an unknown background was less trustworthy than Count Randner. Makarov also wanted Gryphine to be less involved with that youth.


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