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Chapter 172 – Interlock

=========== City Dwellers’ POV =========

It was the fifth day of the Wolves of Calamity, and the sky was still dark—

Heavy rain that blocked visibility was pouring down at the Green Tower’s area. All the watchtowers’ Fire Seeds around the city, regardless of whether they were near or far, had been extinguished. The surroundings were pitch black, with the exception of the purple lightning flashes that occurred and cut through the darkness, as well as lighting up the rain to make it a sea of silver.

The wolves had broken past the final barrier outside the Green Tower. The snow-white Winter Wolves and the Blight Wolves with their festering hides leaped past the stacked corpses of the Druids and Tree Elves, appearing in front of the Green Tower’s natives.

The throng of wolves covered the earth like a flood. Their sharp claws dug into the ground and brought the dirt up, stepping into murky rainwater intermixed with blood, and they passed through the rainstorm with speed.

There were rows of people lining up in the rain, filled with both genders, young and old. The elderly held back their emotions on their faces, while the youths had fear and uneasiness written on them. Rain slid down from their heads to their throats. Lips were parted slightly, but no one dared to utter a sound, and they gripped the weapons in their hands subconsciously.

One of the senior Druids stood behind such an ‘army’. He wielded an oak staff with a strict expression. In his eyes, this group that was mostly comprised of youths was the Green Tower’s last bastion, and perhaps the final and future hope of the Druids in this area. Under the threat of death, they had no choice but to participate in the defense.

The Druids were already in place at the Green Tower’s lowest rung, the Great Hall of Autumn, and they would try to bar the wolves from invading the inner city.

Everyone could hear the combined footsteps of the wolves, which seemed to be even louder than the rain falling over the surroundings. The Fire Seed in the Green Tower shook as though it was afraid of the terrifying army.

Perhaps, the darkness in front of them would remain for all eternity.

The thousands of dwellers in the Green Tower would be swallowed up by the monsters. History would remember them as numbers who perished, and who would stop to think that these numbers used to be a husband, a son, a friend, a lover? The brilliance of these relationships would be gone forever.

The first batch of Winter Wolves emerged from the darkness. Their strength had been reduced to the lowest they had ever been by the Green Tower’s Fire Seed. They would be rated as intermediate Iron-ranked monsters, but their frightening numbers still made the people in the Green Tower tremble.

It was this aspect that made them feel despair. No matter how brave and heroic they were, they would succumb to exhaustion in the end due to the endless attacks.

The wolves might

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