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Chapter 186 — The final moment (2)


The call was softer than the howling wind.

The red-haired girl raised her head. Veronica was sitting not far away from her. The two of them were hiding behind a black boulder that had a depression in it, shielding them from the natural wind. It was not rare to see similarly shaped boulders in the area that was enveloped in violent winds and sand storms.

Veronica wanted to break the silence but she did not know where to begin.

The girl in front of her was deeply guarded against her. Of course, she could not be blamed when they were still enemies. Still, the female general had made the first move, and Scarlett blinked her pretty eyes to look at Veronica with suspicion. The two of them had a subtle link to each other where they relied on each other.

Though Scarlett felt her situation was a little unreal, she was mostly overwrought due to her Lord leaving her behind, and did not care about the situation she was in. Her emotions were easily shown on her face. Little wrinkles formed between her eyebrows as she knitted them together, and the corners of her eyes drooped slightly.

Veronica finally found her words: “There’s no need to worry too much. Your lord will definitely be fine.”

Perhaps the comforting words made Scarlett relax a little; her hands were not formed into fists any longer.

“There’s a saying in the Empire’s army, the boys who live long are blessed by the stars.” Veronica continued with a smile: “There’s also a folk’s tale, if a baby was born during the moment where a sea of shining stars can be seen, then they would be a Child of the Stars, blessed with the incredible ability to turn misfortune into luck. I feel it’s very likely that he possesses this ability.”

Scarlett did not understand why Veronica started talking about Brendel, but she stared at the latter with large round eyes as though she was questioning her if the myths were true.

“Where are both you and your Lord from?” Veronica suddenly asked, sensing that her relationship with the girl was closer than before.

“I—” Scarlett only uttered a word before she became on guard, looking suspiciously at Veronica. But the female general only chuckled with a shake of her head.

“There’s no need to be so tense. I’m merely curious.”

Scarlett turned her head a little while her puzzled eyes narrowed slightly.

“I have seen many, many talented youths, but someone like your Lord……” Veronica shook her head.

Even though she was over a hundred years old, she still kept her energy up and appeared to be at her prime. Calling her an incredible beauty would not be wrong, but she appeared to be a little haggard from her exhaustion as she sat on the sandy ground.

“It is said that a talented person is born out of every hundred, but your lord must be someone who appears once every thousand years. I have no doubt in his future, but I cannot help but doubt his lineage. Even though he claims to b

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