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[Do I want to reset the Mercenaries of Lopes and try to get the card at the Draw Phase?]

Brendel thought for a while. Her sudden disappearance signified a serious issue and he needed information to assess the situation.

[No…… If I resummoned them, then the people I placed in Trentheim w—]

– Dia of the Mercenaries of Lopes has entered the graveyard.

“What?” He could not help but express his shock.

But this event allowed him to communicate with Dia who had entered the graveyard. He assumed that she was in grave trouble, but the timing of it still made him feel guilty and wary of his surroundings.

“Dia, did you encounter another Warg?”

“No, my lord. But I died a painful death! It’s so horrible!” Dia said.

Brendel consoled her and she began to roughly explain the situation where she met up with the Kirrlutz nobles and a strange woman. When the youth heard that the weapons and magic artifacts turn into rust and lost its mana, his heart skipped a beat.

[The woman you encountered has purple features, you say…… Then there’s only one possibility.]

Mistress of Withering Decay, Andesha, one of the twelve leaders of the Tree Shepherds.

[The Element Power of Decay isn’t that powerful if you rank it, but the damned faction is just one cut below the strongest powers in the continent. Why is that woman here?]

Brendel’s heart was beating fast when he realized the answer. He was the cause of the Divine Resonance. Attracting the attention of the wizards from Galbu and the Holy Cathedral of Fire was already ridiculous. But even the Tree Shepherds was here.

Was the Lionheart so appealing to them?

[Perhaps the Tree Shepherds know that the Lionheart used to be a part of Dyrnwyn…… A Divine Weapon might get them to act. The Four Sages in the past were considered to be one of their sworn enemies. Perhaps they want to prevent their weapons from surfacing again. This explanation is acceptable.]

Brendel felt a little sorry for Dia. It seemed like her great luck in getting great loot was somehow balanced by attracting bad luck. She was braver than he expected though.

[Rono and Elman’s deaths are not that surprising. Even ten of them would not be enough to even hit her little finger. The reason why Faena is alive…… is that she wants to threaten the Kirrlutz’s ambassadors? Veronica’s level is probably 80-100. Even though she mastered her Element Power, she should not be a match for Andesha. Which means the Kirrlutz Empire’s forces are even stronger than I imagined.]

The military forces of the Kirrlutz Empire are split into several categories. The Knights, Court Wizards, Star Seers, and the Holy Cathedral’s faction. Since the Holy Cathedral of Fire sent in an official group, then the Kirrlutz Empire would have at least sent in a couple of grandmaster wizards for Andesha to move so cautiously.

[The leader of the Kirrlutz Empire’s force is still Veronica. It would be interesting to see Andesha fight with Ver

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