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Chapter 164 – Amman

The mist had become so dense that one could not see the sky at all. The figure of the Lernaia Hydra was completely lost in the fog, and no one knew if it was still in the valley. But Brendel was certain that part of the fake Hydra had been converted into a fog, or the forest would not be covered in it.

The humanoid figures in the fog quickly approached them, but the youth was slightly surprised to find they were real humans and not monsters. They were squires wearing golden-red cloaks, with ornaments emblazoned with Fire Raven Sigils hanging around their chest. The bishop amongst them wore a golden-red silk ferraiolo and a biretta with three peaks on it. The sash that hung over his shoulders was embroidered with the Kirrlutz word ‘flame’. With such lavish dressing, he could only be a regional archbishop from the Holy Cathedral of Fire.

Brendel studied the old shriveled face which was dry as a cooked eggplant that was sliced and baked.

[The high ranking bishop from the Einkel region, Amman. This bastard isn’t simple. He acts incredibly humble on the surface, but that’s a lie.]

He frowned inwardly.

“Your Eminence.”

[You damned shill. Why did the Holy Cathedral of Fire send out such an infamous bastard out here? Are they not afraid of offending the Druids?]

Amman looked at the youth that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, secretly pleased, as the latter had manners that were a hundred times better than the mercenaries he encountered a while ago.

[A noble is a noble, after all. At least he knows how to be civil. But it seems like he’s someone from Aouine?]

He observed Brendel and noted his style of greeting belonged to the Aouine kingdom.

Scarlett looked at her lord strangely. He was acting quite differently from his normal self.

Brendel’s reaction was almost instinctive. That was how the gamers handled the high-level NPCs in the game.

Amman and his men had surrounded them in order to ensure that they were not the monsters they came upon earlier. In truth, there were only squires accompanying him, which made him cautious. The Gold-ranked knights were killed when the Lernaia Hydra discovered them. Every one of them were on edge; the Holy Cathedral of Fire did not have a high-ranking knight returning to the ‘Holy Flames’ ever since the November War.

The loss was a nightmare.

Amman subconsciously felt the precious item that was placed next to his chest. The knights’ sacrifices were at least not without meaning, and he sighed quietly. He displayed a kind demeanor and spoke with a pleasant tone:

“Young man, you are well-mannered. Which noble family do you belong to? You must have entered this area through an exit where there are two cliffs on both sides? Do you know how to get there from our position?”

Amman asked three questions in one go. Even though he was trying hard not to show it, Brendel was able to discern that the archbishop was tense.

[He must be referri

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