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Chapter 115 – The treasure vault of alchemy (1)

The journey seemed to begin with expectations and unease, and the youths felt like they were unprepared, but they could not run away any more.

The Tower Clan from Kirrlutz had an adage: ‘The difficulty of a long journey can extinguish one’s strong willpower’. These nomadic merchants who loved to travel with their vast products had a deep understanding towards adventure.

On the very first day, Kodan recommended that Brendel camp outside the forest and set off after a night’s rest.

However, Brendel thought that he needed to finish his goal quickly, and since he was more experienced than the old swordsman, there was no need to waste.

In the blink of an eye, Brendel and his crew had already entered the Dark Forest for a week.

As they traveled deeper into the Dark Forest, they found it was like peering into of unlit layers of emerald gems, covered under branches that appeared to be black in color. The density of the verdant leaves was thick, and they leaked out sunlight which in turn made the environment appear shadowy-green. Speckles of light would flitter in and out against the wind, making the leaves undulate. Occasional spiders would dart across their webs when it happened.

Light intermixed with darkness, causing the area to feel like it was a surreal world of silence, save for the shuffling boots across the ground, and the occasional rustling of leaves. It was almost evening, but everyone found it nearly impossible to tell the time in this forest.

Brendel was holding on to a book; on it were words written with illuminating ink:

– Black Magician, Moonlit Grass, four-leaves Hop Clover, Witch’s Agony……

The Black Magician symbolized ‘mystery’ in the Witch’s secret language, and it was used to bring forth a mediative mentality. A person with 3 levels in Alchemy would be able to make Breath of Serenity, and it was the main ingredient for an Incense of Mediation.

The Incense of Mediation was highly popular in the game, and the related professions would achieve faster results. They would be able to experience the ‘truth’ more easily if they were in a closed room filled with the incense.

It allowed a better performance in incantations.

If one was to express it in game terms, it was a 5% increase in XP.

With 7 levels in Alchemy, one would be able to gain access to the lowest tier 2 material called Mysterious Extract from the Black Magician. This could be eaten directly and one could gain a permanent health increase, but it would only work once.

The Moonlit Grass was also called Wizard’s flower. It was used to cultivate Mana. Eating it directly could increase the Mana regen by 1 point. With a Level 5 Alchemist, one could extract it to attain pure Liquid Mana and make a simple Mana Potion.

The four-leaves Hop Clover represented luck. It was quite rare to see it in Aouine’s territory but rather common in the Dark Forest. There was a unique method

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