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Chapter 124 – Standing at the edge

Brendel took several steps back and readied himself into a defensive stance, and Veronica allowed him to do so. Her earlier attacks were nothing more than attempts to gauge his strength.

They took a pronounced pause as they sought for weakness in each other’s stance. Brendel found hundreds of lines prodding at his body, and he shifted ever so subtly to react to any changes. It caused Veronica to knit her brows slightly.

[This level of raw talent….. It’s such a pity that he’s not a Kirrlutz citizen, or I will definitely get him to be my disciple and inherit my swordsmanship.]

Silence filled the area and the tension rose to the point where everyone was holding their breaths. One could almost hear every subtle movement from both Brendel and Veronica.

The female commander was the first to attack. The Evaluation skill reduced the number of lines pointing to his body, but there was still a dazzling number that pointed all over his body. It was proof that the skill had its limits in predicting someone of her skill. In the end, Brendel turned it off and relied on his experience to defend against it.

Their blades met in screaming union, and a flash of green and black blinded the crowd. The youth gritted his teeth when he felt the immense impact. Veronica’s blade had incredible speed and power which caused him to nearly shift out of a defensive position, but he planted his feet firmly on the ground to resist her.

Her blade drew back and she flicked it to his. He pulled his body back a little while rotating his sword so that its large flat blade guarded against her needle-like thrust.

As soon as the blades met again, her sword was drawn back like a bowstring and shot out towards its next target at his thigh. Brendel took a single step back while his sword swung down to sweep the incoming blade away.

Veronica utilized his momentum and allowed her blade to go up before she went for an overhead sweep. The youth kicked off from the ground to the sides to avoid her sword, but there was almost no pause of the exchange of swords crashing into each other.

Both duelists changed the directions of their swords midway before their weapons clashed again. The female sword saint tried to disarm him by dragging his weapon upwards into the air. Brendel felt a force sticking onto his weapon like glue and hurriedly leaped into the air to avoid being disarmed, somersaulting once before retreating yet again.

Veronica’s eyes widened a little when she saw his move, and she changed into another style again. Her arrangement of attacks started to grow in complexity and speed. A song of metallic rings echoed throughout the market. Even without the Analyze skill, Brendel felt he could see afterimages of the lines happening because Veronica was thrusting her sword at an astonishing speed.

However, it was not the speed of her sword but the intricate designs of her attacks that were causing him to break

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