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Chapter 93 – Return to Firburh

“You’re Firburh’s lead architect now. If you need anything, go ahead and speak with a young woman called Amandina, and if you want you can take over the duty of repairing the walls.

There are a few important people that you should know. My blacksmith, Grandmaster Bosley, and two of the mercenary commanders working under me, Raban and Cornelius

If you have any questions you can ask them. It will take a while for me to gather enough funds and get you builders, so I’ll let you know when to start building a city.”

Brendel pondered for a moment, before continuing:

“There’s a library in my manor. You’re free to enter it and see if there are any related books to the Firburh’s construction, especially if you want to repair the walls. Firburh’s design has been changed several times to make the heart of the city resemble something like a fortress. You might get interesting notes from the past nobles and architects.”

Odum blinked a few times, suddenly realizing that the youth in front of him was the new “lord” of Firburh. Even though he could care less about the fact of who was in charge of the city, he suddenly realized the person in front of him was the leader of the rebels.

[The fact remains that I’m a dwarf without any real skills in construction. Also, it doesn’t look like this lad has a lot of money. Doesn’t this mean I have to work with limited funds? If I screw this up…… I’m not even given workers who know about construction too!]

What would happen if he failed to construct the fortress the youth wanted and squandered money instead?

He imagined speaking to Brendel:

“Ah! My lord, no one will be able to break down this fortress!. That’s because there’s no gate at all! And it fulfills the promise of being well-known too!”

If the youth was bold enough to murder a noble, he would definitely have no qualms about murdering him for this failure. He started thinking of an escape route.

[Hmmm, I don’t really care about this human kingdom, and I can go back to the Gold Dwarves as a respectable veteran miner. I can probably try to escape anytime I want if I plan well…… Also, the Gold Dwarves and humans are not truly on good terms. If I mishandled the construction, maybe I can brag about it and make it seem like I swindled the humans. It will be recognized as an achievement amongst the Gold Dwarves!]

Brendel’s expression suddenly turned dark as though he had read Odum’s mind. His eyes narrowed as though he had sensed something incredibly displeasing, and the old dwarf suddenly remembered Kodan’s words about the youth being someone who was even more powerful in combat compared to him.

Odum gulped and trembled once. He broke into a cold sweat.

But Brendel did not pay attention to Odum’s frightened behavior.

Ciel suddenly spoke to him in his mind, stating that Scarlett had taken a turn for the worst and she might not live past the next day. He started to brood.


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