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Chapter 109 – Trentheim and the young lord (9)

“No, you guessed wrong, Grandmaster Bosley,” Brendel said.

Mordenkainen closed the door behind him, while the mysterious guest tugged off its robe to revealed a feather dress covering over its wrinkled skin.

Tagiv bowed deeply to Brendel.

“A Subterrane Dweller?” Bosley was stunned for a moment before he spoke with a shocked voice: “Wait, my lord, do you mean—”

His mind spun quickly. Humans would not be able to use the armor at all, but it was a perfect fit for these underground creatures.

“When did you enter into an alliance with the Subterrane Dwellers?”

“Didn’t we fight alongside with them against Lord Macsen a while ago?”

“But…… Just, how exactly did……” The old blacksmith was utterly confused.

Brendel locked down information concerning Lord Macsen, and the latter’s men were either captured or killed in that battle. The information of the Subterrane Dwellers participation in that battle was not revealed.

Since Bosley did not care about Brendel’s military affairs and put all his efforts into his workshop, he did not know that there was a large army of Subterrane Dwellers under Brendel.

“My lord…… powerful.” Tagiv maintained its respectful attitude and answered in weak Kirrlutz.

“In other words, they have submitted to you?” Bosley turned to Brendel and asked.

Brendel nodded.

“Marsha above. How many of them submitted to you?” Bosley exclaimed. He stared at Brendel with a shaken expression as the thought of a possibility surfaced. A palm with five fingers was raised: “…… Five hundred?”

That was the number of armors that Brendel wanted.

Brendel shook his head with a smile.

“My, my. Your thoughts are too simple like the others, Grandmaster Bosley. How would it be possible for every member of the Subterrane Dwellers to use this armor? Surely they have the old and young with them. The figure is much higher—”

[Even though Tagive is respectful to me, he would never place his whole tribe in my hands.]

He eyed Tagiv: “At least three thousand.”

Bosley stumbled, and hurriedly leaned against the table’s corner: “…… I see. It seems that these old bones of mine cannot keep up with you youths any longer.”

Three thousand. How exactly did the young man in front of him defeat the Subterrane Dwellers? Not to mention getting them to submit.

It was no wonder the younger mercenaries idolized him. Bosley originally sneered at them a little, but now it looked like they were not doing it blindly.

“I got it. It appears that Lord Palas will be in big trouble.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Count Randner is going to be the one behind the next attack. That cunning bastard will be more careful with us because of Lord Macsen’s failure.”

“You mean that Lord Palas will have reinforcements?”

“Isn’t that a guaranteed thing……?”

Bosley rubbed his chin: “So this is why you want to arm the Subterrane Dwellers.”


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