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Brendel asked the man instead of answering:

“Who are you?”

“Me?” Came the reply.

The man opposite of Brendel suddenly laughed. He placed an upright arm on the throne’s armrest, tilting sideways, and placed his chin on his fist: “I am a fool.”


Brendel’s brows furrowed a little.

[Is this some kind of quest? But I don’t recall anything like this in the Dark Forest, or even the other areas in the game. No, calm down, think of how to respond. The first thing to do in the game with a setting like this, would be to continue the conversation…… Hopefully, it’s not some kind of riddle.]

“Then why am I…… Why are you here?” He asked, wanting to ask why he had appeared in this place, but changing his mind at the last moment.

“You should ask yourself this question, boy.” The voice said, demanding subservience.

“Me?” Brendel became nonplussed. “I apologize, I do not know why I am here. I did, however, offend a woman, subsequently killed a bishop, and came to this place.”

There was mockery in his voice.

But the air in the vast hall turned cold, and the youth could feel the piercing gaze on him.

“It is a little interesting to know these additional bits of information from your lips, but these are not the cause, they are the conclusion.”


“For what reason did you lead your men towards death? Why did you fail to protect them? Most importantly, do you truly not know the state you are in right now?”

Brendel could not help but swallow.

“Fool. Such a fool,” the mysterious man laughed coldly as he watched Brendel’s reactions as though he was pitying him, “even unto death you do not know how to regret your actions, such is the vanity of all humans!”

The cause of his troubles was due to his oath before Makarov and the others. He was the one who practically invited the various factions to travel to the Green Tower over the Lionheart. The Rock Key, insulting Faena, fighting Veronica with the Holy Sword card, all of them were causes that led further to his downfall. He even chose not to betray his core values to spite Amman.

Time seemed to pass painfully slow as Brendel continued remaining silent, agonizing over his decisions on whether they were mistakes, while the mysterious tyrant simply stared at him.

“Enough. I no longer want to dwell on this matter.” It was ultimately the mysterious man who ended the silence first.

“To answer the earlier question, you’re here because you’re carrying a Seed of Destiny.”

[Seed of Destiny? I don’t get it, is he talking about his artifact?]

But the youth dropped his jaw when he recalled Amman’s dropped gemstone and made a connection. Perhaps the person in front of him was Farnezain, one of the four Sages who took on the role of the Priest profession, in the form of a Heroic Spirit? The possibility was there because the Wind Empress and the King of Fire left behind their Legacies. Even though the Pope’s Legacy did not appear in the game,

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