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Chapter 177 Part 2 – Battle in the Canyon (2)

The ledge that Brendel and the others were running on eventually widened to a plateau. The gorge was located at the end of the plateau, and the youth suddenly stopped moving and shouted:

“Morpheus and I will stay behind and delay Andesha. If you don’t find a path leading downwards, then check if there’s any possible way we can climb down.”

Veronica nodded. Morpheus threw Faena down roughly and went back to his Master, receiving a set of instructions from the latter.

It did not take long for Andesha to reach where Brendel was. He stood alone with his sword drawn out, and the moment he saw the Mistress of Withering Decay, he roared:


Halran Gaia was stabbed into the ground at the same time. Countless rock pillars rose up from the ground and blocked Andesha’s vision. She immediately covered the area with her Element Power with a wave of her hand, wanting to turn Halran Gaia’s magic back into raw Mana, but to her great surprise, the rock pillars held their shape.

Black energy surged out where Brendel stood and he disappeared under the shadows of the rock pillars. Andesha snarled in frustration and started destroying the pillars with a vine whip, but they were remade quickly with Halran Gaia. She decided to ignore Brendel, intending to force the youth out by capturing his companions, but black wings suddenly fluttered in front of her, and a hand with blue flames swiped upwards at her face.

Andesha’s expression was cold and screeched with fury: “How dare you!”

Her whip moved like a poisonous snake and whipped away that offending hand, and she realized that it was a girl she had never seen before who attacked her. Brendel’s sword suddenly entered Andesha’s eyes at a startling speed, but her vines pulled her away to the sides as though she had expected the attack, while a few stray vines lashed out below the incoming sword in an attempt to strike Brendel.

The vines hit nothing but the rock pillars.

The youth had hurled his sword like a javelin, before it wobbled back to his hand like a boomerang by using the White Raven Sword Arte. Though the violent winds affected his control, it was reduced because of the rock pillars that Brendel had created.

A Wind Spirit Spider jumped down directly to reach Andesha’s head, but the latter acted as though she had eyes above her and destroyed it immediately with a swing of her whip. Brendel did not miss this opportunity and threw a rock with great timing, yet the Mistress of Withering Decay merely tilted her head to allow the projectile to fly past her.

The youth’s actions had angered her beyond words. Vines started pouring out beneath her to lift her up into the air so she could see where her enemies were, while she started pouring her mana into the ground:

“My children, ari—”

[Sacrifice non-black creature card, Wind Spirit Spiders, to the Ancestral Vampire.]

– The Wind Spirit Spiders Card has enter

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