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Chapter 193 Part 1 – The final moment (9)

When Mephisto displayed his strength, Andesha immediately sought to subdue him by force.

Both were proud people who did not stand down.

Conjuring a Greater Plant Creature was a Druid’s spell of the Eighth Circle. The Tree Shepherd’s variation of this spell distorted its nature greatly, raising its power and size by ten times by overloading it with her Mana and her staff’s powers. The Greater Plant Wyrm was now as powerful as a Warrior who perfected his control over his Element Power.

As the Wyrm’s head reached for Mephisto, part of its body suddenly scattered into countless vines and formed a net to block off all of Mephisto’s escape routes, forcing him to face the monster head-on.

But the Sword Saint of Ashes did not panic and instead lowered his greatsword behind his back. He looked up at the wriggling vine tentacles of the Wyrm’s head, appearing as though it was opening a mouth.

The World of Ashes expanded—

He swung his greatsword.

Even though the distance between Brendel and the two girls were nearly a hundred meters apart from the fight, they could feel the whole world turning dark. The only thing visible was the path of the greatsword’s swing; a grey line that sundered the air and sucking everything into its vortex.

Then time stopped.

The picture of Mephisto and the Wyrm was neatly cut into two, and its upper half slid down for a second before an ear-shattering crackle assaulted everyone’s ears and caused them to hear ringing in their ears. Every single vine was spewing green liquid from its severed sections and the remains rained down from the air.

Light returned and revealed the forest’s destruction; countless trees were cut down with an explosion of dust and soil filling in the vacuum of the severed space.

Visibility was once again limited.

Mephisto planted his greatsword into the ground and took in a deep breath. It was clear that he had used a significant amount of energy.

Andesha suffered just as much. Her spell was broken in a single instant, and Mephisto’s sword technique traveled through the vines and part of its power reached her. If she did not force an excessive amount of mana to sever the link between the Wyrm and herself, her body would have exploded.

She coughed out painfully glared at Mephisto below her as pain throbbed in her left hand; it was bleeding with green blood oozing out from her fingers. She had never suffered such a beating even when she fought against the Archmagi from the Silver Alliance. The Wizards were cautious and careful to make a move, but the crazy fool before her fought as though he did not want to keep his life. This mistake of assessing her opponent wrongly cost her.

“Hamir, you bastard, how much longer are you going to watch?” She finally roared: “Are you trying to reap the biggest advantage by standing on the sidelines until the last moment!”

[This woman has a helper? Even though I gained

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