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Elman pulled out his sword; a metallic scraping sound against the scabbard was released, with the blade glinting slightly in the darkness.

“Who’s there?” He furrowed his brows and asked with a wary expression.


A light giggle came in response. The laughter was not far away, and Elman saw the air in front of an ancient tree shimmer before a woman walked out with sauntering footsteps.

She had a pair of long pointed ears and her long purple hair flowed sleekly behind them like a waterfall. Her upper body swayed lightly while she walked, and her fingers combed through the top of her hair. The long eyelashes cast a darker shadow over her light purple irises, and combined with a beautiful almond-shape face with purple lips, made one feel that she was captivating.

However, it was the features of her lower body that captured the group’s eyes. Vines and thorny brambles completely formed her ‘legs’, and they extended to cover her ample chest with the stray vines reaching to her neck and cheeks.

[What is with this appearance? A naked woman covered in vines? Someone crazy? Or perhaps some kind of legendary creature in bardic tales like a Dryad?]

Elman continued to point his sword at her. The woman smiled faintly, pointed at the sword and said: “Young man, what do you hope to accomplish with that thing? Hurt me? Protect yourself?”

Rono’s reaction was slower than Elman as he was distracted by the woman’s appearance. He blushed before regaining his senses, and raised his pointed eyebrows and demanded: “Who are you? We’re Aouine’s ambassadors and not to be trifled with—”

The woman giggled: “How cunning.”

She slowly walked forward to them like she did not see the sword in Elman’s hands, the vines and brambles squirming as she did so. They were like a pair of gigantic worms and made the group’s hair stand on end.

“Rono. Disciple of Grandmaster Heumann, the young Alchemist prodigy of Kirrlutz. But you also possess the nickname of Wolverine. You severely injured eleven and killed two in Kirrlutz’s Royal Academy of Magic. What lies beneath your shy exterior is a savage heart.”

She turned to Faena and Elman with smiling eyes.

“As for this girl. Faena, The little princess of the Duke of Flowers, Lord Menedicia, and the only successor to the dukedom. Finally, viscount Elman, a noble-born out of a lowborn mother. You are just as brilliant as your siblings, but who can see the depths of your ambition?”

Elman’s lips jerked when he heard the words lowborn.

“As for this little girl behind you. Indeed, she’s indeed someone from Aouine, but her background appears to be insignificant since I did not get a report on her. I am a little intrigued by that interesting lord of hers though.”

“If you’re interested then go ahead and look for him.” Faena glared at the half-naked woman. Her greatest taboo was when a stranger divulged her identity as the successor of a duke: “You shameless woman!”

She turned aro

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