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Chapter 155 – Great misunderstanding

There were many legendary characters that many gamers knew of in the whole continent.

The Sword Saint of Destruction, Darius, Goddess of Combat, Veronica, and even the fameless Buga in this era would become someone of great repute.

There were legendary wizards, Tulman of the Silver Fortress, and the King of Knowledge, William.

Famous leaders like the Black Lord Incirsta, the Perfect Eagle, Nicola, and Goddess of War, Freya.

But no one amongst them received the same level of popularity as the Sword Saint of Ashes, Mephisto. He was the only person who challenged the Kirrlutz Empire all by himself. Just this bravery alone was enough to make anyone emotional.

It was approximately thirty years ago when the Kirrlutz Empire destroyed a small duchy when Duke Sutherland resisted them and reclaimed the land. It was a nothing but a small blot in Kirrlutz’s history of wars that dated a thousand years long, and there ought to be nothing significant about it.

But the Eagle Empire encountered a foe that caused countless headaches.

Mephisto appeared in the Kirrlutz’s capital and attempted to assassinate the Emperor by himself.

Naturally, he did not succeed. But Mephisto slew an entire company of Imperial Cavalry, killed countless guards, and even fought off the army from a neighboring territory. One Count, three Viscount, twenty officers, and nearly a hundred squires were killed.

If the casualties were limited to the nobles, it would only be remembered as an embarrassment to the Empire, but losing the squires made the Emperor in that generation completely furious. These squires were prodigious talents who would be the future elites and decision-makers of the Empire, and all of them were murdered by Mephisto. No matter how rich in talents the Empire was, she would still feel the pain of losing so many gifted youths.

The Empire made a task force that was truly the strongest in its history, with the four commanders from its four principal armies, the leader of the Imperial Alchemist Association, and even three Imperial Archmagi from the Tower of Stars and Moons.

Veronica was one of the four commanders, but even she was considered to be the one with the least experience amongst the group. One could only imagine how monstrous these individuals were.

Yet Mephisto still managed to escape, though he was gravely injured.

This event was a humiliation to the citizens of Kirrlutz. Perhaps it was the hardest slap on their faces after King Erik stole Lionheart. It was certainly sensational news in the continent.

Later on, the Divine Pantheon of Wind and the Sacred Church of Light tried various means to find Mephisto, wanting to help him with his hatred against the Kirrlutz Empire, while getting him to join their faction. Unfortunately, he seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Rumors circulated that his wounds were so severe and he died soon after.

However, gamers eve

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