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Chapter 163 – The Forest’s fog

Veronica’s eyes reflected the fifteen dragon heads that formed into a circle in the night sky. Even for someone as strong as her, she could not help but hold her breath.

The colossal beast that reached the clouds had captured the slight movements in the forest. But instead of moving back to that area, its heads began to spew mist which covered them. Only seven heads remained visible, with the mist forming into clouds.

A second later, thousands of projectiles made out air shot out from the cloud towards Veronica.

[Shit! The monster’s attack is just too big! ]

But it was Brendel who panicked. The projectiles covered a radius of a hundred meters in the blink of an eye. The white arrows of air that fired at the same time were beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Brendel could feel nothing but killing intent that stifled his breath. He rolled over to the side as ten arrows the width of a water barrel exploded into the ground. Leaves and grass were blasted away and craters immediately appeared.

Scarlett’s reaction was quite speedy as well, avoiding the translucent currents like a beautiful panther and joined up with Brendel. They intended to leave the area before the Lernaia Hydra’s second barrage came for them, but an angry roar entered their ears:

“Did I permit you to leave?”

Veronica received the most attacks out of the three. Hundreds of projectiles came together to form a frightening hurricane in the air. Under normal circumstances, even one who mastered their Element Power would be hurt from that. However, Brendel and Scarlett were shocked to find out that Veronica was uninjured and still had the energy to keep them from leaving.

Brendel studied Veronica’s condition and he found that a sky-blue transparent barrier had appeared around Veronica. The barrage of sharp projectiles collided into it and immediately dissipated into all directions. Even though the transparent barrier flickered constantly, it did not seem like it was going to break any time soon.

Veronica stood firmly where she was with her sword brandished, and she looked at Brendel with fury in her eyes. Brendel gulped, knowing that he had truly angered her. It was not his hobby to face a crazed Goddess of Combat.

Heat radiated from Veronica’s location, her Element Power melting the frozen stream of ice back into water in an instant, and an intense white light covered her entire sword. He leaped onto the other side of the stream the moment he saw her sword move; she pointed her into the air and the Sword Energy fired out before it shot towards Brendel at sharp angles, but it barely missed him as he rotated in mid-air and struck the ground instead.

An earth-shattering explosion of light filled his senses, with water instantly vaporized by the intense heat. For a moment, the stream of water that was ten feet wide had its flow of water cut for several seconds before it resumed flowing down.

[It’s too

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