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Chapter 75 – King of the Underworld (26)

His grandfather took the lead to attack again, with the other three following close behind. It was the same strategy that they used earlier, and Brendel recognized that his stamina was getting low.

The youth decided on his swordsmanship.

He took out another sword from his back and fell into a familiar stance. It was a swordsmanship that his friend in the previous world was gifted in. He had put in considerable effort into it, but the skill ultimately clashed with his class and gave up on using it.

[Two selves. The first self shall perceive his surroundings and make the decisions, and the second self shall handle the body’s power and control.]

A delicate balance was created from a near-meditative state.

“Duel wielding?! Boy! What are you doing? There’s no one who’s capable of executing a new swordsmanship just like that—”

Torbus was the first to attack.

[A slice to sever the jugular. Parry with the right sword, counter-thrust with the left sword.]

Brendel’s machine-like efficiency nearly reached Torbus’s level of control.

His grandfather retreated against his counter.

Then Tirste approached from the youth’s right, while Ebdon moved in from the opposite direction.

[Tirste’s attack is a feint. Ebdon’s is using Madara’s overhead strike. Step into Ebdon’s space to take initiative.]

The youth lunged at Ebdon, forcing him to change into a defensive posture in a hurry.

[Parry against Buga’s greatsword, then use Power Break and deflect it to Tirste.]

A loud metallic grind happened as he superbly changed the angle of Buga’s two-handed attack, and stopped Tirste from approaching

Kodan’s eyes nearly popped up of their sockets. If they were not properly affixed to his head, they would be rolling about on the ground. He recognized the Wind Elves’ swordsmanship.

The Sword Dance of Wind.

[H-he’s using the swordsmanship like he has been practicing for years— No, there’s no hesitation in his moves at all. It feels like he has combat experience with the swordsmanship! What kind of talent is this!]

“Boy!” A female Elf’s surprised voice echoed in Brendel’s head again.

She had been with Brendel ever since he left Bucce. He had never displayed any signs of knowing Elven swordsmanship, yet his skill in it appeared like he had been using it for years.

“What is it?” Brendel’s mind was clear enough to even squeeze in a reply to her, as though he was watching the duel from the sidelines.

“Your talent in the sword is truly enviable. I think that person is the only one who can match you.” A soft sigh escaped her throat, and it nearly crashed his perfect state of mind when he listened to it with a hundred percent focus.

He did not know who that person was but made a guess that it could have been King Gatel. The latter was considered the best talent during the era of War of the Saints. Even if there were countless prodigies back then, he still s

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