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Chapter 92 – Brendel’s chief architect

Andrei scoffed lightly at Count Randner’s instructions, but he had to admit that it was a good move to use Madara’s undead to kill their enemies.

Count Randner’s right-hand man was slightly startled. The exemption of tax and providing free provisions would certainly spur a significant amount of desperate Highland natives to participate in the battle, due to the damage caused by Madara’s invasions on their farmlands.

They would not refuse and simply could not refuse.

Furthermore, these barbarians were no strangers to battles.

With such strong incentives, the Highland natives participating in this battle would surely be more than ten thousand, and this figure did not include Madara’s undead or Lord Palas army.

The scale of the army made him a little excited. His lord who always played down his strength had decided to show his might to Princess Gryphine and Duke Arreck in this battle.

Aouine had not seen such a battle for a decade, maybe even two. A new generation of talented youths might have appeared, but this did not mean the old Count had lost his vigor.

He glanced at both Count Randner and his son. Even the former’s eyebrows had turned white, but his eyes were still sharp.

Everyone knew that once the two letters were sent out, no one would be able to stop the battle from happening. While everyone was paying attention to the North’s impending battles, no one could have expected that the beginning of the kingdom’s civil war to begin in its most southern borders.

Indeed, who could have expected a battle to take place over a destitute and remote place like Trentheim?

=============== Brendel’s POV =============

Brendel understood that he had made a move that caused ‘history’ to change. Once Lord Macsen’s defeat was announced, it meant that he had placed himself on the upcoming civil war that would decide Aouine’s fate.

As for the results, it would depend on the performance of each faction.

However, Brendel was currently not thinking about this problem.

He was in a large horse carriage that departed from Schafflund and was heading back to Firburh, and was instead staring vacantly out the window at the blue sky.

It was a bumpy ride due to the uneven roads on the hills.

He left behind all administrative works in the silver mines and left during a certain night. It was not because he received news of Count Randner’s preparation to send out a huge army to crush the borders, neither was it the delivered letter from the Regent Princess to Firburh.

It was for an entirely different reason.

He soon turned his gaze at the changing scenery outside the window and landed on the dwarf opposite of him. The latter was staring at the youth with open eyes.

“Mister Odum,” the youth finally opened his lips first, “I want to know what you’re doing.”

“Huh……?” The dwarf showed a puzzled expression and blanked out for a few seconds, before he stuffed

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