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Chapter 108 – Trentheim and the young lord (8)

Bosley’s initial surprise quickly abated.

“My lord, perhaps these refugees do exist, but the majority of them are sick and old. The strong workforce that you want to have are of value to the nobles too, so you wouldn’t be able to get them. I’m afraid these refugees would not be of much use to you.”

“Accepting and spending money on the sick and elderly proves that we are sincere in accepting everyone. It also doesn’t mean there are no able people amongst the refugees. Some of the youths would want to stay together with their families, and most of the nobles would not accept them because they have to feed every mouth. The women are capable of farmwork, sewing, and many other things, while the young are the future of this territory.”

Brendel had already made long-term plans for Aouine’s feature. Not many people did so in this generation because of the civil war.

“In any case, I have considered these issues before and it’s not a big problem. The people we have will be the future of this region. I’ll even give these foolish nobles a free lesson who can’t see this point. Therefore, I’m requesting that you get as many people as you can to come to this region.”

“Fine, you have the population, but what about the food?”

Bosley was still not fully convinced, though he had to admit that Brendel’s methods captured the populace’s heart very well as he continued to stay in Firburh.

Regardless of whether it was his own personal selfish reasons or for righteousness, he did not wish to see the youth’s efforts come to a blinding halt. In his heart, he had often wondered when it was deep in the night, was the youth really chosen by the Lionheart?

The latter’s actions caused everyone to support him, and at times he felt as though he saw a mythical figure of the past.

The kind king who raised his sword to swear an oath under the flags and banners.

Indeed, Bosley could not believe that it was true.

“The food is a problem, but Grandmaster Bosley, when did you become so concerned about this issue?” Brendel nodded and quickly eyed Bosley with a strange look.

“I’m just asking out of curiosity.” The old blacksmith felt embarrassed.

“I see. Well, the plan, hmmm. It’s a really big problem, but when I think about the refugees losing their homes, I really do feel pained, and it’s difficult for me to sleep and no matter hard it is, I have to keep on persisting, right, Grandmaster Bosley?”

Brendel’s words were solemn and dignified, but his eyes were laughing like a little fox, teasing the old man.

“You…..” The old man became angry: “Cut the crap, you damn scoundrel! Tell me your plan!”

The girls giggled again.

“Since we have the support of Schafflund’s silver mines, we won’t really have a problem for the time being.”

“You can’t rely on buying the food supplies. Are you not afraid of the northern dukes’ embargo?”

“One, the merchants in Ampere Seale are a

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