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Chapter 184 – The Druids’ Choice (2)

“Grandmaster Tulman, if you ask me this question, could it be that you wish to help Aouine?” Brendel asked curiously.

The great scholar was placed in the top three of his profession in the game, and he probably had his own plan for this calamity.

“Your observation is astute, but you’re not answering my question,” Tulman said.

“I don’t know, but I can only try.” Brendel paused for a few seconds before shaking his head: “Are you suggesting something, Grandmaster Tulman?”

“Rather than place one’s hopes into an uncertain possibility, why not choose something that is more definite?” Tulman scrutinized Brendel as he spoke: “The Druids should abandon the Green Tower. Young man, we do not have the right to gamble with the lives of others. The chance that you will succeed is abysmal— If the tokens for this gamble are merely gold, I will bet on you, but you are gambling with lives instead.”

“Brother Brendel won’t do that!” Sifrid felt like she was about to faint with anger because of the old man.

“Hmph. Using crafty words to sway others, that’s your common method of choice, you mysterious bastards—” Faena who was standing next to Brendel scoffed.

The girl did not know that Tulman was someone who was on equal footing with William, otherwise she would not have dared to mock Tulman, even if Veronica was there to guard her.

She suddenly realized that she was standing on Brendel’s side, even though she wanted to stab him a dozen times. Still, she could not help but get upset when Tulman went against the youth. In the end, she muttered that she hated people who tried to corner others.

“Hoh~ I didn’t think you will speak up for me.” But Brendel seemed like he wanted to pick apart her words, even going as far as to speak in a tone of ridicule.

Faena was so furious that her neck flushed red, wanting to strangle him: “What manner of foolish prattle is this, I did not speak up for you!”

Brendel’s mocking laughter persisted for a while before he turned back to Tulman.

The great scholar’s words were not wrong, and perhaps it was even meant to happen in the game. The Druids were destined to fail to protect the Green Tower.

It was a common sight in the continent’s history, after all.

But he was not here to give up on Aouine or the Green Tower. Tulman thought that it was a simple Mana Wave and would soon be over. However, the term in the game was Waves of Calamity, proving that there would be more Calamities, and the kingdom’s southern region would be completely destroyed if the Druids failed here.

Perhaps one day the Blackthorn Council would eventually return to the Dark Forest and set up the Green Tower again, but Tulman’s stance to help Aouine here would instead be crippling the kingdom in the near future.

Brendel could not allow this outcome to happen.

“I have to use lives as my gambling tokens because the thing that I’m saving is lives, and I risk my own by

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