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Chapter 146 – Rock Garurumon

The Rock Shadow Beast which had its front paws on Carglise’s chest did not continue its attack, and it instead looked up at Brendel with its head that was formed with sharp jagged rocks. The latter nodded and the magical creature retreated instantly.

“That Rock Panther seems like it’s almost as strong as the Obsidian Panthers now. Why is it so strong all of a sudden?” Carglise rubbed his chest and asked.

Brendel nodded and agreed with the assessment. It was strong for an Iron-ranked monster because it was an Elemental Spirit. This meant that it could nullify half the damage from a physical attack. Its agility was also a tier higher than the older version. The overall prowess of this summon was actually higher than the Obsidian Panther, or it would not have taken down Carglise in a single swoop.

The Black Wolf was next. Since it was strengthened by the Earth Element, Carglise would not be a match against it. He got Kodan to test the creature. The results were easy to predict.

The Black Wolf was defeated.

Its offensive strength was slightly weaker than a Silver-ranker, but its defensive capabilities were high enough that it could shrug off Kodan’s normal strikes.

Brendel could not help but narrow his eyes in consideration. The summoned wolf was stronger than the normal Black Wolves found in this Dark Forest. There was the possibility where his Nest system could be upgraded if he found more equipment related to it.

[Hmmm. This new system is revamped as level 1. I wonder what are the conditions to generate the higher tiered Obsidian Panthers and Direwolves…… Calling this a Black Wolf feels weird, and it might confuse people.]

Carglise had the same idea: “My lord, is this really a Black Wolf?”

“Not really. I haven’t thought of naming it.” Brendel said.

“How about Elemental Rock Wolf?”

“I feel it resembles more like a Warg. Maybe a Wargling,” Kodan disagreed.

“What, no, what’s with your naming sense?” Brendel shook his head: “I’m calling it Weregarurumon!”

“Weregarurumon?” Everyone was stunned at the strange name.

[Yeah, if I get a Nest with the Metal Element in it, the wolf will become Metal Garurumon! A wonderful classic!]

His fantasy was broken by one of Brendel’s men; he reported that there was a visitor who wanted to see him.

The youth sobered up and remembered that he was still embroiled in the Wolves of Calamity. It was not yet time to celebrate. The Nest system in the game required tons of materials, and this new system was likely to be the same. It was not as if he could conjure up two hundred wolves immediately.

He indicated to let the visitor approach and was surprised that it was not Wydall or Quinn, but Austin.

“Count Austin?” He was slightly surprised to see Austin’s slightly surly face.

The ambassadors from Aouine followed the youth and the centaurs from a distance away, treating them as though they were free guards protecting t

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