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Chapter 117 – The Nest (2)

The youths who entered the pit by descending down the rope immediately shrieked:

“Urgh, this smell…..”

“I’m dying!”

“Gods above, this is really poison!”

“Silence!” Scarlett bellowed in an authoritative manner, but she frowned as well. The stench was overwhelming.

If the Hydra they faced earlier was a person, it must be the most disgusting and laziest person. The nest seemed like it was a giant pit of feces that would induce anyone to puke out their guts. It was not wrong to say it was poison; Amandina who had the weakest constitution vomited a few times. If Merial did not cast a purification spell on her, she would have fainted.

Kodan was the last person to descend to the pit. Since Brendel was wearing a pair of glowing gauntlets, Kodan’s eyes went over to it, immediately discovering the crimson rubies slotted on them. The shape of each individual link to the metal gauntlets could only be described as dignified.

“Is this the legendary Bahamut’s Grasp…..?”

Brendel was incredibly pleased and put on a beaming smile: “You guessed correctly, grandmaster Kodan.”

“Are these truly the legendary gauntlets which the hero, Sutherland, used before?” Kodan stared at the gloves with all his attention drawn to them, repeating his question: “Not a fake or replica?”

Sutherland was one of the most famous Alchemists in history. However, that was not the reason why he was well-known. It was because he was also a Dragon Knight. He was cherished by the Fire Dragon King, Bahamut, and the songs about him and his dragon’s travels were still sung by bards even in this era.

But the most famous aspect about Sutherland was not his identity as a Dragon Knight or an Alchemist, it was his gauntlets.

These gauntlets were blessed by Bahamut and given to Sutherland as a symbol of their friendship. It was also why they were called Bahamut’s Grasp.

“They are real.” Brendel clenched and unclenched his right fist, allowing the rivets to make a slightly grating noise as the metal bits rubbed against each other.

“How do you know that it’s the real thing?” Kodan looked suspiciously at the gauntlets. He could not believe that Brendel’s luck would be able to bend fate. Just randomly entering a cave would allow him to obtain a legendary equipment that was used by a hero?

The legends about Sutherland were nearly three hundred years ago, and the gauntlets disappeared after that. Did it disappear along with the hero, or had it been passed down to others? It was a question that no one could answer.

It was impossible to find out how it ended here.

Everyone’s attention was on Brendel when they heard Kodan’s words, but the youth did not explain any further. He merely grasped his sword’s hilt firmly before pulling it out.

Flames poured out from the gauntlets, covering his right hand and Halran Gaia. He raised his sword above his head, illuminating the entire pit.

The youths stared at Brendel

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