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Chapter 129 – The Dark Forest’s frontlines

It was dawn.

But the forest was still shrouded in darkness.

A long line of flaming torches shimmered in the bone-chilling mist that filled the forest. Different groups of Druids shuffled across the ground and broke the dead silence as they tread on the fallen tree leaves.

Someone coughed.

There was a strong stench of blood in the air that easily made one gag. The Druids in this area had organized a counter-attack, taking back part of the Wall of Flowers.

The corpses of black wolves could be seen not far away in a nearby clearing filled with dull-yellow grass. These dead creatures would shrink in a couple of days and become pure Mana Crystals.

The bodies of the dead Druids were claimed by their own and buried, directly going back to nature. It had been an intense fight throughout the night which could not be described by words. The waves of black wolves ultimately retreated, but it seemed like they were going to the north instead, the Valley of Vines.

They were slowly surrounding the Green Tower.

Still, the Druids managed to take back a small patch of forest and avoided fighting the bulk of the enemies. Many Druids believed the monsters were about to launch a new wave of attack again.

Brendel frowned when he reached this place.

Various factions had also come along. The Kirrlutz Empire, wizards from Galbu, the Holy Cathedral of Fire, and groups of adventurers.

[I thought most of these people would seek to leave the Dark Forest. It seems like I’m completely wrong. The rumors of a Divine Artifact triumphs the dangers of the creatures and the strange changes within the Loop of Trade Winds. Well, that’s fine. They are going to relieve my pressure when I enter Valhalla…… But there might be unavoidable battles before entering it.]

The wizards from Galbu were more dangerous than the people from the Kirrlutz Empire, but it seemed like they did not understand the changes of the Loop of Trade Winds. It was his greatest advantage.

[Seven long nights. The sun won’t rise again. In the game, there were at least three thousand gamers helping out against the endless waves of monsters, and now I’m the only one here. One person to repeat the events in the game….. Hmm, but I did cause the Divine Resonance half a year ago and it brought more people here. Though it’s still a question whether I can really succeed.]

Scarlett and Amandina were sitting beside Brendel. The latter seemingly stared into the darkness as he listened to Amandina’s report on the various factions’ movements, while in truth he was fiddling with his Stats Window, making a final preparation.

The Calamity of Wolves was a World Event in the game that was designed for thousands of players. It was literally impossible for him to complete it alone, but as a true gamer, he believed in his own abilities more than any outside factors.

[There isn’t much XP gained from the past month. 57000 XP. I ca

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