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Chapter 99 – The guest from the Red Bronze Dragon Mercenaries (1)

“My lord.”

A few hours later, Ciel entered Brendel’s study room and called out to him. The latter was buried in documents when he glanced up at Ciel before going back to reading.

“Speak, ” he said.

“There’s a new report. There’s movement in the Palas region.”

“From Amandina’s scouts?”

“No, it’s from the Red Bronze…… Ahh, no, the Amber Sword Mercenaries.”

“Did they sent their report from Lord Macsen’s territory?”


“Oh?” Brendel was surprised.

This was the first time they had sent information on their own initiative. Even though he had gotten them to attack Fortress Minst, he was not exactly certain how loyal they would be.

It was possible that some of them might have different ideas since they were former guards in Fortress Riedon. Leto and his men were unlikely to betray him, but it was hard to tell with the others.

“Let me see the report,” he said.

Lord Macsen left his oldest son in charge of defending the fortress. In order to prevent his son from abusing his power and perhaps harming his other brothers, he took the mercenaries and most of the soldiers away with him, leaving behind a few soldiers who were neutral.

Unfortunately, this created a great chance for Leto and the others. The Amber Sword Mercenaries successfully infiltrated the fortress and attacked in the middle of the night, causing the guards to be captured as prisoners.

After Fortress Minst was controlled, Leto forced Lord Macsen’s oldest son to send letters out to the various retainers in the region, including priests and the lower ranking aristocrats, invited them to a ‘banquet’ and captured them successfully.

After this was done, Leto sent out his men to attack the nearby areas with lightning speed. Even though the process was not a smooth one, the experienced commanders such as Mano, Batum, Gaspard, and Taron, effectively led the mercenaries against the remaining soldiers of Lord Macsen’s subordinates to victory.

[How surprising. Taron and Gaspard. The former is a commander within the White Mane Army, while the latter is a guard commander in Fortress Riedon. It’s interesting that they still choose to stand on my side instead of going back to the nobles. I can understand why Leto, Mano, and Batum chose to follow me, but these two…..]

Brendel pondered for a moment. Would it better if he called the first two back to him so he could keep a closer eye on them? How risky would it be for him if they chose to betray him in the upcoming battles?

In the end, he decided to leave it aside and focus on other things as he could not find an answer.

“Leto and his men did well!” Brendel praised them lavishly.

His only expectation was for the Amber Sword Mercenaries to capture Fortress Minst, but they surpassed his expectations by capturing more than half of the Macsen region. While it was true that Lord Macsen and his men did not govern hi

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