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Chapter 107 – Trentheim and the young lord (7)

“Yes, she’s considered royalty, what of it, Ser Orthlyss?” Brendel said in his mind.

“Nothing, it’s just that she appears familiar to my eyes. Hmm, indeed, she’s very familiar to someone I know but it shouldn’t be her. Perhaps her descendant. But if she’s royalty, then your problem is as good as solved.” Orthlyss said.

“But— How?”

“One of the Legacies that the Silver Elves provide is the technique of conducting Elements. The royal members definitely know this technique.” Orthlyss said, and she became silent.

“…… I see,” Brendel nodded and looked at Medissa, “you mean to say that you possess the technique to control the Elements?”

She nodded.

“Very well, this matter is solved. That’s one obstacle down. Let’s move on to the question of conversion of Fire Element to flames. The majority of the alchemist’s Magic Formations formulas are instantaneous, but the Fire Element needs to be released in a continuous, steady pulse. I’m not sure if the existing formulas will be sufficient for what we need.” Brendel said.

“Is there no other way besides using an alchemist?” Bosley’s excited brows quickly sank down and said with a little anguish: “But it doesn’t sound like it’s very difficult.”

“Of course it’s difficult. The level of stability required for the Magic Formation is extremely high. But it’s not as if there are no alternate methods. The first is Fortification Magic Formation to stabilize and convert it, but that will limit the output. The second method is finding a better material and combine it with an alchemist’s Magic Formation. However, it will be expensive.”

Brendel thought for a while.

[A smaller furnace with Fortification Magic. A bigger furnace with a better material spent on it. That’s an acceptable sacrifice.]

“Well, it’s fine. A substitute is better than none. I’ll have my alchemist, Tamar, research on the magic formations and see if he comes up with a better alternative. Let’s move on to the final problem. A Mana Core and Mana Conductor.”

“I can do something…… about the Mana Core,” Bosley glanced at Brendel, and for the first time in the discussion, he stuttered: “I have some contacts that I know in Seifer, Corvado, and Ampere Seale. I can ask them to get a few Mana Cores for me, but Capital-sized cores will not be possible.”

“It’s enough if we can get some medium-sized ones!” Brendel answered.

Amandina had a few designs on machines that harnessed Magicite. It should be possible for her machines to use Mana Cores. Mana Conductors were much rarer as they are controlled by the Royal Family and powerful nobles.

But he was a little surprised at Bosley’s initiative. This was the first time the latter used his network, which meant that this furnace toy was really tempting to him. What really delighted Brendel was the Bosley’s revelation of such a wide network. If he could utilize it……

“Grandmaster Bosley, why don’t you ask your fri

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