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Chapter 177 part 1 – Battle in the canyon (1)

The path in front of the group split off into two directions. One led to a deep gorge with black granite cliffs on each side. The edges of the cliffs were smooth and flat, as though it had been snapped into equal halves. The second direction of the path was probably a dead end or led back to where they came from, and it was not where he wanted to go.

Violent winds constantly blew into the gorge with visible air currents, with mist forming a white line, entering and exciting the chasm like a sea’s waves. It took a moment before Brendel recovered from the picturesque scenery.

[If I follow the air currents, they will most likely lead me to the fake Lernaia Hydra’s lair.]

He glanced back at Veronica. Even though she was still weak, she had gotten back her spirits with the short break. But she did not ask him to learn her swordsmanship again, and he did not want to ask her about it, especially in front of Scarlett and Faena.

“The way to go into the Loop of Trade Winds is through the underground passage located below here. The Druids had put in countless manpower and materials into this area just to find that passage.” He spoke to Veronica.

“Did they find it?” Came the reply.

The youth shook his head.

“And yet you know where it is?”

“I’ve read an ancient document that gave a hint on the entrance’s location, it should be nearby.”

It was his habit to throw out ‘ancient documents’ as his cover against the ‘Projectiles of Questions’. Somehow, it felt like there were indeed ancient documents that existed when he stated it so earnestly.

He started surveying the gorge, but it was difficult to see if the underground passage was in this bottomless gorge. Suddenly, he discovered Scarlett looking at his wrist with a strange expression yet again, making him put on an awkward expression.

He could not help but rub the teeth marks on his wrist. How should he explain it? Or did he really have to tell the truth and said that it was not a gesture of allegiance from Morpheus?

Just a while ago, Scarlett woke up at an impeccable timing and caught him favoring his ‘injuries’.

[Screw this Planeswalker System…… Why isn’t paying the Life Force an automatic thing?!]

He turned to glare at Morpheus, but the damned Vampire trap merely averted his eyes.

“Hmm…… Well, to continue where I was,” Brendel changed the topic in an awful attempt that did not seem entirely coherent, “we should try and make our way downwards from here. But it does look like it’s difficult to do so, and I’m also not certain there’s really a passage down there—”

“From here?” Faena suddenly interrupted him.

It was the first time she spoke after waking up, almost as if she had done so from her stupor in order to question his decision. Her eyebrows were knitted together and raised high up as though they were to disappear under her fringe.

“T-that’s absurd, right!?” She stared at the dark ravi

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