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Chapter 183 – The Druid’s choice

A hush descended over the hall.

“An Archmage from Galbu?” The Great Druid Elder asked.

“No, this time, I represent Aouine,” Tulman said.

“What do you mean?” The Great Druid Elder frowned.

“Establishing Order takes a long struggle and repeated failures before succeeding. If the Blackthorn Council exists, then I’m certain that it’s just a matter of time to rebuild the Green Tower even if it’s destroyed. A Mana Wave is something that’s temporary and will ultimately end.”

“…… Does this mean you’re going to help us? To aid us in dealing with the Wolves of Calamity?”

Tulman shook his head and continued his explanation:

“As I said before, I am here to represent Aouine. The southern region requires a stable defense line, and if the Loop of Trade Winds’s Druids perish, the Dark Forest’s corruption will spread to my homeland. Aouine cannot afford to lose the cities south of Ampere Seale. However, my abilities are limited. I am only capable of bringing the Blackthorn Council’s members to safety, and I am unable to save the Green Tower’s citizens. I have drawn a Magic Formation to teleport your chosen Druids; it is in the inn’s room where I resided for the past few weeks.”

He paused for a moment, sighed, and continued speaking:

“It is rude of me not to seek the owner’s permission to draw a Magic Formation, and I apologize for that, but right now I have to ask, does my proposal interest you?”

The Druids glanced at each other without uttering a word. Leaving would mean giving up on the lives within the Green Tower. Even though it was a matter of time to rebuild the city, it was a natural structure that took more than a hundred years to grow and build. How would they face their ancestors in the afterworld if they fled?

It would be better to die in a battle than to live with the shame.

And yet….. Tulman was right.

The Green Tower could be rebuilt and they were not giving up permanently. His proposal still made a few druids sway in their decisions.

“How many would you be able to bring out, respected guest?” The Great Druid Elder asked with a composed mind.

“A hundred, no more than that.”

A few gasps could be heard. Many Druids were in awe of the Archmage’s powers to bring out that many people to safety, but at the same time, they sobered up and realized that only a hundred would survive, and the rest of them could only wait for their deaths. If everyone went and fought to their deaths, then there was nothing to think about, but to choose who would live and die…..

It was a cruel thing to do.

Everyone deserved a chance to live, but who had the qualification to select them?

Tulman did not press for an answer and waited patiently.

Finally, one of the older Druids spoke: “We should let the younger Druids leave. They will become our future hope.”

The Druids had sent away many children and elderly away before the war started, but many talented youth

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